Articles by Andrew Mirams

Andrew is a leading finance specialist who holds a Diploma of Financial Planning (Financial Services). With over 32 years of experience in finance, Andrew has been acknowledged by the mortgage industry with multiple awards. Visit IntuitiveFinance.Com.Au


What will you learn? There’s a common saying that you should start most endeavours with the end in mind and this is especially true for property investment. But unfortunately, too many investors begin their journey without considering what might be the best ownership structure and wind up owning their entire portfolio in their personal name….


A home improvement loan is a term that is increasingly being used in Australia but is largely a US phrase that’s been imported. It describes a type of loan that is a separate product to the mortgage you might already have and is generally used to renovate a property. People may choose a home improvement…


As a mortgage broking business operating in the personal finance space, we see a large group of clients, a diverse group of clients, whose money management skills span the spectrum from those who don’t have any experience to those who have a lot. The one thing all our clients have in common is a drive…


Australians are on a massive home shopping spree, borrowing to buy property at rates not seen before in this country. However, our bricks-and-mortar spendathon may be about to hit a snag as warning bells sound over soaring debt levels. Homeownership bonanza Recent ABS data has confirmed what most of us already knew – that the…

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