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Ken is director of  Metropole Wealth Advisory and gives independent expert advice for high net worth individuals and their families, professionals and business owners. He is passionate about property investing and small business and shares his wealth of experience in his blogs. View his articles  

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4 things property investors need to know about depreciation

When was the last time you reviewed your property portfolio including assessing its cash flow, annual capital growth as well as all expenditure and tax deductions. Unfortunately, too many property investors don’t make the most of one deduction– depreciation. While you can only claim depreciation at the end of each financial year, it’s important that…

House and money

4 Questions to ask before buying a property in your Self Managed Super Fund

With significant volatility in the world’s share market and an uncertain future coupled with the costs of having an industry or retail superannuation account more and more Australians are wanting to take control of their superannuation. This decision is primarily driven by costs and the ability to more directly control asset choice. Since 2007 the…

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Expats back in Australia: Here’s what you need to know about property

Only one thing is certain about real estate trends: they are always changing! So if you’ve been away from Australia for an extended period or you’ve just resettled here, there are some things you might have missed in the property investment world. Keeping up with tax and law amendments is like trying to get a…

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Understanding the difference between L.O.C and offset accounts

Many of the property investors I speak with are often confused about the differences between Line of Credit facilities and Offset Accounts. Understanding how these two types of loan related products can function will help determine the best fit for your property investment strategy. What is a Line of Credit? A Line of Credit (often abbreviated to ‘LOC’) is…

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6 common mistakes made when buying an investment property in an SMSF

More and more investors, and particularly Baby Boomers, are using their Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) as a vehicle to buy an investment property. So I’d like to share some of the most common mistakes I see people making so you can avoid them. 1. Debt Your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) can borrow money to: a) Purchase…


Will any will do?

While it’s always advisable to have a will, not every will is created equally. Amateur wills are generally not worth the paper you’ve written them on, so you should always use a lawyer who specialises in the preparation of wills. Fundamentally, the transfer of assets held in your name (which are also called estate assets)…