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Brace Yourselves For Interest Rate Rises

Property investors stand to be the hardest hit as banks reprice mortgages to meet tougher regulatory requirements, according to JP Morgan’s latest Australian Mortgage Industry Report.  JP Morgan surveyed 52,000 households and concluded that approximately 10% of investor loans could be at risk. The report further warned that pressure for banks to increase capital levels…

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RBA Wants To Impose Even Heavier Restraints On Lenders

Australian regulators may be forced to impose even heavier restraints on lenders to prevent the property market from becoming the trigger for a disruptive financial crisis, said Michele Bullock, the Reserve Bank’s assistant governor (financial system). Speaking at a recent business event in Sydney, Bullock said that the RBA was particularly uneasy about the looming…


Avoid Apartment Developments That Offer Rental Guarantees

More and more apartment developers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other major cities are offering rental guarantees to lure in buyers. But investors should avoid rental guarantees like the plague as they often disguise a weak market or an oversupply of units, states a new report from A typical sales pitch offers investors a…

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ASIC Is Assessing Mortgage Lending Standards Across The Banking Sector

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said it was examining mortgage lending standards across the banking sector after initiating civil court proceedings against Westpac Banking Corporation. The Westpac case “sends a message to the broader sector” that ASIC is prepared to “take anyone on,” Chairman Greg Medcraft told a parliamentary committee in Canberra.  On…

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Chinese Property Investors Shift Their Focus From Australia To The UK

A growing number of Chinese property investors are switching their focus from Australia to other markets, particularly the United Kingdom. Foreign interest in Aussie property is drying up because regulators have increased pressures on banks to curb foreign lending amid fears of a bubble. Last month, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) warned that residential…

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Uninhabited Dwellings Exacerbating Housing Affordability Crisis

Scores of foreign investors are acquiring property in highly desirable metropolitan areas, only to leave them unoccupied. This trend is exacerbating Australia’s housing affordability crisis, according to Douglas Driscoll, chief executive officer of Starr Partners.  Driscoll estimates that the number of uninhabited dwellings in Sydney alone is more than 200,000. “We know that the current…

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How sellers can safeguard themselves when dealing with foreign buyers

With such a strong demand for Australian property from foreign investors, sellers need to protect themselves to avoid getting embroiled in potential debacles.  Residential property prices are being driven up by a new wave of foreign investors and expats seeking superior returns, financial stability, and a safe haven from unstable global markets. Unfortunately, not all…

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Will There Be A Crackdown On Capital Gains Tax Concessions?

The Australian Financial Review reported that the Turnbull government was planning a crackdown on capital gains tax concessions for property investors in order to “seize the mantle” on housing affordability and provide revenue to help replace soon-to-be-abandoned budget cuts.  The government’s policy backflip was scheduled to be unveiled in the May budget and comes after…

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Alarm raised on illegal property purchases by Chinese investors

Up to $1bn in dodgy money from Chinese investors appears to have gone into the Australian property market over the past financial year. This has raised concerns about the scale of illegal purchases of Australian property by buyers from the Asia-Pacific. Data from in the 2015-2016 annual report of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis…