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Census: Household size

Two minute read As mentioned yesterday, over the coming week or two, we will try to demystify the 2016 Census results. This post, we look at household size. What’s going on is quite different to what we are often told. Many seem to be caught in the wrong mindset. Australia Type 2006 2016 % population…


Census: Dwelling trends

Two minute read Over the next couple of weeks, we will try to make some sense of the 2016 Census results. This evening, let’s cover private occupied dwellings. Australia Type No. Ten year change 2006 2016 Houses 6.334m 649k 11% 75% 71% Attached* 1.129m 427k 61% 9% 13% Apartments 1.214m 138k 13% 14% 14% Other**…

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Interstate migration to Queensland on the rise, but…

Two minute read Queensland’s interstate migration figures have improved and they now account for 21% of the state’s annual 70,000 population increase during calendar 2016. Queensland’s overall rate of population growth is also rising. Yet, rising population growth isn’t always a good thing, especially when most of the current moves are to already overcrowded, and…


Pop update & census highlights

Two minute read Here are some new things to do with our population. Population update Following the release of Census data today, population estimates for the last five years can be updated.  The population estimate for Australia has been increased 86,000. The biggest upward revision was for Victoria (+111,000), followed by New South Wales (+15,000),…