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Michael Matusik

Michael is director of independent property advisory Matusik Property Insights. He is independent, perceptive and to the point; has helped over 550 new residential developments come to fruition and writes his insightful Matusik Missive


Bah Humbug – I can’t wait for the year to be done with

2016 is a year that most would like to forget.  Elections, several untimely rock star deaths, earthquakes, Sept Qtr. GDP, piss-pour governance, our cricket team’s woeful performance…the players were in need of counselling, just like the PriceWaterhouseCoopers staff. Weekend Australian – December 3-4 2016 I, for one, cannot wait until this year is over and…


3 Urban Myths

Urban planning in Australia appears to be lost in a dense fog of presumption and theory.   Myths perpetuate. This Missive covers three such urban myths. Myth 1 – Higher densities mean less traffic The theory is that higher densities around existing public transport networks will see a lift in public transport use and fewer cars…