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Apart from our regular team of experts, we frequently publish commentary from guest contributors who are authorities in their field.

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We must do something about jobs for young people in a world of automation

Young Australian jobseekers are facing a difficult future due to the loss of many traditional entry-level positions to automation, a solution may lie in bold policy ideas, writes… Shirley Jackson, University of Melbourne As technology advances and changes our economy, young jobseekers will bear the brunt of changes in the labour market.  With the increasing…

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AAA rating saved despite bigger deficits in budget update

The government has made a concerted bid to reinforce Australia’s AAA credit credentials by ensuring the budget is still projected to return to surplus in 2020-21, writes… Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra The government has been successful with its concerted bid to reinforce Australia’s AAA credit credentials by ensuring the budget is still projected to…


What is rumbling Australia’s economy ahead of MYEFO

A lot has changed in the global economy since the Federal Budget 2016, writes… Remy Davison, Monash University The Turnbull government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) takes place in a dramatically different environment from 2015-16.  The dual shocks of Brexit, and the promulgation of a protectionist Trump administration in 2017, present major challenges to…


Sydney needs higher affordable housing targets

The community needs affordable housing and that requires meaningful targets for new developments, the only ones who will lose out are landholders who make windfall profits from rezoning, writes… Laurence Troy, UNSW Australia; Dallas Rogers, Western Sydney University; Emma Power, Western Sydney University; Hal Pawson, UNSW Australia; Kurt Iveson, University of Sydney; Louise Crabtree, Western…


Why secure and affordable housing is an increasing worry for age pensioners

For the increasing proportion of people living in private rental accommodation who can expect to be dependent on the age pension, the prospects of financial and housing insecurity are grim, writes… Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney The average housing costs of older (65-plus) outright homeowners in lone-person households were A$38 a week in 2013-14,…


Weekly Economic Update: Treasurer Morrison is about to face a reality check

The US Fed meets expectations for a rate cut, Australia’s unemployment rate heads upwards again, and all eyes look to the mid year budget update, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Australia Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden (@profholden). This week: The US Fed meets expectations for…