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Apart from our regular team of experts, we frequently publish commentary from guest contributors who are authorities in their field.

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Expert panel: ATO data shows inequality is in everything from super to the property market

Data for 2014-15 from the Australian Taxation Office shows inequality is growing in a number of areas, writes… Jenni Henderson, The Conversation and Josh Nicholas, The Conversation The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released data for 2014-15 that paints a picture of how much Australians earn and what they claim in tax concessions. We asked…

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First results from the 2016 Census paint a picture of who the ‘typical’ Australian is

Data from the 2016 Census allows us to identify some of Australians’ more common characteristics, how they vary across states and territories, and how they are changing over time, writes… Nicholas Biddle, Australian National University In a country as diverse as Australia, it is impossible to identify a set of characteristics that defines us. However,…

Negative Gearing

Morrison rejects pressure for negative gearing to be examined

Scott Morrison renewed his warnings against tampering with negative gearing, in a speech on Monday, writes… Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Treasurer Scott Morrison renewed his warnings against tampering with negative gearing, in a speech on Monday he urged more institutional investment in both rental residential real estate and affordable housing for low-income earners. As…

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Governments are trapped in a vicious cycle of housing policies and prices

Housing has become integral to our welfare system, so even governments can’t afford for prices to decline, writes… Rachel Ong, Curtin University Whether house prices have been inflated by limited supply, or because of transfers to investors and homeowners, government policy is now trapped in a vicious cycle. The wealth accumulated in our houses has…