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Bryce is a property development specialist, having successfully completed many development projects for Metropole's clients. Initially working as a Project Manager at Metropole since completing his Bachelor of Project Management in 2011, Bryce now acts as a buyers agent for clients, sourcing and evaluating properties with development potential.Visit

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Is a building & pest inspection tax deductible?

The simple answer is NO – not in the way you’re expecting.  When buying an income producing investment property, the expenses associated with it’s purchase are treated differently to later repair, maintenance and ongoing management costs. Many of the upfront costs are considered what we call a ‘capital cost’. These include stamp duty, conveyancing costs and…

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5 things you should consider before you list your property for sale

The media is awash with reports of hot auction success stories. Tales abound of the run-down two-bedroom cottage that sailed $100,000 above the reserve, or the inner city apartment that attracted more than 100 people and at least six bidders. Then there are the reports of the ever-increasing median prices of homes in our capital…

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Look how many more dwellings we’re going to need to build in Victoria

The recently revised Plan Melbourne forecasts the population of Melbourne is projected to grow from 4.5 million to almost 8 million, with Victoria’s total population set to top 10 million by 2051. Of course this will create some interesting social and infrastructure challenges.  For example, the city’s transport network will need to cater for around…

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1 in 2 Aussies fear they couldn’t afford for something to go wrong

Cash-strapped Australians fear they don’t have enough savings to cope with the financial shock of an unexpected event, according to  New data released by, which surveyed 2,031 Aussies, discovered 58% of people fear they couldn’t afford a surprise expense such as a medical emergency. That’s equivalent to 10.5 million adults who believe they…