Our Property Development and Renovations workshop places are filling fast.

Are you ready take to your property investment to the next level?

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of property renovations and development? Would you like to “manufacture” cash flow so your high growth properties also produce a high yield?

Then you must join me, as well as the best faculty I could put together and a group of savvy property investors for my 2012 “Property Development and Renovation Workshop on Friday 26th  to Sunday 28th October.

The early bird spots are filling fast, so be sure to book your seat now and get all the bonuses, including a one on one session with me after the workshop to ensure you can implement all you have learned.

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Why come?

If you are like most readers of my newsletter you have probably considered coming along, but you have had difficulty justifying the time or price commitment. Especially with all that is going on in the world economy at present.

But this is probably the most important year for you to attend and I'll explain why I think so later.

At present you are probably skeptical about coming along and joining us. I know how you feel...

When someone else blows their trumpet and tells me how good their product or service is I am usually wary. But I know that most of readers of this letter will really benefit from coming.

I also know that a huge number of the past attendees went on and did some amazing things with the knowledge that the learned.

For example...

Bruce F is a ski instructor from regional Australia but wanted to supplement his income though property investment. He came along to our workshop a couple of years ago and using the information he learned from our expert faculty got started in property development. He bought a suitable development site and has now completed his first 2 townhouse development. His success was written up in Australian Property Investor Magazine last year explaining how he made $260,000 profit!

After attending this workshop a few years ago Mark & Lyn G decided they wanted to get involved in property development. They bought an old house and obtained development approval for 2 townhouses. This allowed their bank to revalue the property for $170,000 more than they paid for it a year before. They have since completed the 2 townhouse development and leased it out. Now they have refinanced this property and are looking for their next investment. 
 Not a bad effort for someone who has never been involved in property development before!

Rob W decided he wanted to “manufacture” some capital growth through property renovations and did exactly that by finding a property with the right things wrong with it - using the lessons he learned at our workshop. He now has a renovated apartment that has been leased at a premium rent and is worth considerably more than he paid for it.

Trudi F from Darwin has been to our workshop twice. Last year she was featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine explaining how she had amassed a very significant property portfolio around Australia.

Tania from Melbourne came along not owning her own home yet and had a credit card debt of $30,000 and a combined family income of $25,000. Since the workshop she and her husband have bought a home for their seven children as well as a small investment property.

And 8 attendees of last year's workshop were personally invited to Wealth Retreat - Australia's ultimate learning and networking event for investors and entrepreneurs (this is an invitation only event.)

If you want to know more about our workshop please click here to get all the details.

Think about it... why have you not chosen to come to this year's workshop?

What is stopping you?

Well... here are six reasons why you don't have to think too hard about your decision to attend my workshop.

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