Articles by Rob Balanda

Rob is a lawyer, who is now retired and living off his property portfolio. He was formerly a partner in the Gold Coast based law firm MBA Lawyers.


All too often property owners sign up an agent and engage them to sell their property as either their sole agent or exclusive agent without really appreciating the difference between the two. Some investors too think that they should only ever sign a sole agency just in case they sell the property themselves and can…


In your quieter reflective moments, the thought may cross your mind about buying or giving property now to your children, or even skipping a generation and buying property now directly in the name of your grandchildren.  If this is you, lay down immediately until the feeling passes. Seriously though, isn’t it better to give now…


The self discipline that you have displayed over the last 15 years and your self education about property strategies has seen you grow a property portfolio of ten properties over that time through the establishment of three separate companies acting as trustees for three different family trusts. You now have a property portfolio worth close…


If the owners in a duplex or triplex you want to buy into have let the operation of the body corporate lapse, what can you do to protect yourself? Property investment is a bittersweet mixture of successes and mistakes.   As an investor, you’ll have triumphs and victories, as well as misadventures and mishaps. Persisting…


The growth in prices of quality residential and commercial properties has put many such properties outside the reach of single investors. This has led to the explosion of property trusts and syndications, which captured many small property investors who otherwise would have been unable to invest directly in those properties.   The downside to investing…


What rights do you have when the person you own a property with gets into serious financial trouble? I had just stepped off the stage after delivering a presentation on asset protection at a property seminar, during which I discussed the effect that no asset protection had on an investor who ended up going bankrupt….


When you order a Building & Pest Inspection remember that the inspector’s job is to find the flaws in the property – that is, what is wrong, and not what is right. Always bear this in mind and the fact therefore that if there are problems, they will nearly always read more negative than positive….


With a trend towards private building certification and self-assessed development applications, I’m seeing a growing number of investors and developers cutting corners in the development process, based on the principle of ‘non-detection’. That’s because there’s now no council inspector involved in the process and it’s all handled by your professional, so there isn’t much chance…

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