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Two pictures of rental housing stress and vulnerability zero in on areas of need

Almost nowhere in our capital cities can low-income households – and those on average incomes in Sydney – afford the median rent, mapping rental vulnerability finds it in regional areas too, writes… Chris Martin, UNSW and Laurence Troy, UNSW Two new tools for measuring and visualising problems in our rental housing system are in the…

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FactCheck: Do Australian banks have double the return on equity of banks in other developed economies?

Treasurer Scott Morrison said Australia’s banks have a return on equity about twice that of banks in other advanced economies, is that right? Asks…. Jim Minifie, Grattan Institute The banks in Australia have a return on equity which is about twice, if not more than that, what you see particularly in other parts of the…

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Three reasons why the risks for the Australian dollar are still on the downside

In an Oliver’s Insight, Dr. Shane Oliver, chief economist of AMP Capital discusses concerns around the Australian dollar.  In January 2016 the Australian dollar fell to just above $US0.68, its lowest level since 2009 and down 38% from its 2011 high. But since then, after a brief rebound, it has been stuck in a range between $US0.72 and…


Weekly Economic Update: Dismal wages growth makes a joke of budget forecasts

The government’s best ideas for how to grow wages and incomes do not inspire confidence, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW This week: investor loans continue to rise, unemployment ticks down, wages growth remains distressingly low, and consumers are unconvinced the budget will improve their financial situation. Now that Australia’s two major political parties (and the Greens)…


Sydney housing affordability: why it’s so bad and one way to fix it

Right now, the average Sydney couple will never be able to save a deposit to buy a median-priced house according to Insights Manager Graham Cooke. Everyone knows it’s a challenging environment in Sydney for first-time buyers right now – but how tough, exactly, is it? We decided to find out how long it would take the…

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Budget 2017: lack of competition is why government is moving so hard against the banks

The budget included a few measures to make the banking sector more competitive, but they don’t go far enough, writes… Harry Scheule, University of Technology Sydney With it’s latest budget the government has made a number of moves to create a level playing field in the banking system. It’s taxing the five largest banks, announced…