Book – What Every Property Investor needs to know about Finance Tax and the Law

FULLY UPDATED 4th  EDITION With expanded finance, structuring and estate planning sections for the current environment .
This book is a must for all property investors, because it’s not just how much money you make that matter, it’s how hard that money works for you and how much you keep that counts.

Authors: Michael Yardney and Ken Raiss.

Learn from Australia’s leading property, finance, tax, and legal experts with decades of experience as they explain how sophisticated investors know how to use “the system” to their advantage. This is the type of knowledge you just won’t get anywhere else.

Book - What Every Property Investor needs to know about Finance Tax and the Law
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This is a, “Plain English” guide to financial freedom that reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes and are more financially secure than others.

Most property investors never achieve financial independence, because they don’t understand how to use “the system.”

This book is designed to help you treat your property investments as a business and take advantage of “the system” rather than having it work against you.

Readers will be shown "What Every Property Investor Needs to Know about Finance, Tax and the Law".

This book is written for:

  • people who want to work less, earn more, pay less tax and become finically secure,
  • beginning investors who want to set things up correctly from the start,
  •  experienced investors who want to get to the next level by developing a property investment business,
  • property investors who want to move to the next level by getting the right finance & the right structures to protect their assets from lawsuits, taxes & creditors.
Finance Tax and the Law Every Property Investor needs to know Every Property Investor needs to know2

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