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New Property DVD Bundle

Millionaire Mindset DVD

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while othersare destined to a life of struggle? Have you wondered why the rich keep gettingricher? Why do most property investors never get past their first or secondproperty investment, yet a small group of successful investors achieve financial independence?
Is the difference found in their education, their knowledge or their skills?
In this powerful program Michael Yardney explains that there is a simple reason that the rich keep getting richer. It’s not because they do certain things, but it’s because they do things in a certain way. They think in a certain way. Therich think in a very different way to the average Australian.
Watch as Michael explains how your financial thermostat was set in childhoodand still controls us subconsciously. It determines our financial lives.
He explains that you can best the best at your job, or your profession, or the bestproperty investor, but if your financial thermostat is set low, you will never havea lot of money. And if somehow you do come into money, you will most likelylose it.
The good news is that once you understand how you are programmed, you canactually reset your thermostat to create your financial success.
Once you understand how you think and why you think how you think, you canbegin your journey to financial independence.

Building Wealth Through Property Investment DVD 

2 DVD set - almost 4 hours. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced property investor - this new DVD program will answer your questions about building wealth through property investment in our changing finance, economic and property markets.

Watch as Michael Yardney gives you his insights gleaned from over 37 years in property. He has successfully invested in and traded through 5 property cycles and has probably educated more successful Australian property investors than anyone else.

In these 2 DVD's Michael shows you:

  • What’s in store for our economy and how the world’s economic woes will impact on our finance and property markets.
  • Together with leading finance strategist Rolf Schaefer, he explains:
    -  What will happen to interest rates, when they will peak and how that will affect our property markets
    -  Six finance strategies to protect you as our finance markets change when to fix mortgage rates and when not to
    -  How to make yourself more attractive to the banks so they lend you more
    -  What type of properties the banks like and which properties not to buy
  • What type of properties to buy in today’s changing property markets- the property investment strategies that served you well in the past may not work over the next few years
  • Some of the biggest mistakes investors make that stop and how to avoid them.
  • Lessons learned from past property cycles so you can exploit the opportunities our current property market presents.
  • The type of research Michael undertakes to outperform the markets.
  • The what, where and when of choosing a top performing property investment - one that outperforms the market.
  • The fundamental drivers of property price movements.
  • How the professionals manufacture capital growth through property renovations and property development.
  • How to overcome the fear of debt by understanding how the wealthy use debt differently to the average Australian.

Seven FREE Bonuses

*Available online when you register your DVD Set.

  1. Special Report – Smart Finance Strategies for the New Financial Era – learn how to maximize your property investment returns through smart finance strategies
  2. Audio Program – How to Beat the Banks in Our Changing Property Finance Markets
  3. Special report – How to get started in Property Development – learn how sophisticated property investors manufacture capital growth through property development
  4. Special Report – How to Develop the Mindset of a Super Successful Property Investor – learn how the rich and successful property investors, business people and entrepreneurs think differently to the average Australian.
  5. Audio Program – Success leaves Clues- the traits of Super Successful Property Investors. You will hear Louise Bedford grill Michael Yardney to discover what makes a small group of investors so much more successful than the majority of Australians.
  6. Audio Program – The 7 Reasons most property investors never become financially independent and how to make sure you do! This insightful program is a must for both beginning and experienced property investors.
  7. Think and Grow Rich – e-book – your own copy of the classic Napoleon Hill book that is on the bookshelf of all successful investors.

The Presenter

Michael Yardney is a director of Metropole Property Investment Strategists, a best selling author and one of Australia's leading experts in the psychology of success and wealth creation through property. Let him show you the key to aspects of how and where to invest successfully in property in our changing property markets.


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