Book – The Rules of Property

"This book is a must for all property investors, because it's not just how much money you make that matter, it's how hard that money works for you and how much you keep that counts"

Michael Yardney

Michael is one of Australia's leading experts on wealth creation through property.

In his latest book, Michael helps you discover how the rich build their wealth, safeguard their assets and keep more money in their bank account by understanding the Rules of Property.

The Rules of Property
The Rules of Property
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More Details

This book has been written for both beginning and experienced investors.

Michael Yardney, who is Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property shares decades of experience and explains the "Rules of Property" to help you grow a successful property portfolio.

This is a plain and simple guide to property that reveals how property investment is not about luck, and how you can begin building a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

Most property investors do not build a profitable portfolio, because they don't understand "the rules of property." This book is designed to help you understand these rules and level the playing field against other seasoned investors.

Readers will be shown the "rules of property" and what successful property investors do in order to build successful property portfolios.

This book is written for:

  • Beginning property investors who want to fast track their success by understanding what successful property investors do.
  • Experienced investors who feel stuck and want to take their property investing to the next level.
  • Professional property investors who want to revisit the basics as well as learn some distinctions from Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property.


The Rules of Property The Rules of Property How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio

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Book overview

As Australian property markets begin moving into the next cycle, the divide between the rich and average Australian will only to widen.

However, Australia is a land of opportunity, and there are still many opportunities for property investors to build a portfolio that will grow into a multi-million dollar investment.

Wealth creation through property investment is not about luck or background, what separates many successful property investors from the rest is the understanding of The Rules of Property.

This book has been written for both beginning, experienced investors, and even professionals. Let best selling author Michael Yardney provide you with a roadmap of proven principles and updated strategies for the Australian property market to help you achieve all your financial goals.

This book will give you a plain, step-by-step, guide that will level the playing field so that you can consistently make successful property investment decisions as you build your property portfolio.

The Rules of Property2 The Rules of Property3 The Rules of Property4

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