What others have to say: How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time

"There is so much information in it. I would imagine years and years of accumulated knowledge. It has everything a real estate investor would need and saves having to buy and read a lot of books. Just this one will do. Tells you everything you need to know and then some. I have read a lot of books on real estate and yours is probably the most comprehensive and covers the most of any book around. Most importantly I learned lots of new things especially in the areas of negotiating. It’s a credit to you. Well done."
Ed Chan – principal, Chan & Naylor accountants, and best selling author of three books 

"This book is an excellent companion and reference work for anyone who is a serious investor. I was particularly impressed by the section on negotiating and dealing with real estate agents and the chapter on the advanced strategies. Michael has raised the bar in terms of what is meant by putting something back into your industry. Congratulations."
Rob Balanda – senior partner, McDonald Balanda & Associates Solicitors, and author of the Made Simple Series of products 

"Michael Yardney is an expert in his field. In this book he demonstrates just why his knowledge and skill are so well regarded across the country. The book is simple to read and full of powerful information that will guide all investors to improve their wealth. I recommend this book to our clients and encourage them to implement the strategies found within these pages."
Dale Gatherum-Goss – principal, Gatherum-Goss & Associates

"We couldn’t have done it without Michael Yardney. Michael, through his company Metropole, has provided us with the advice and expertise to put into practice many of the property investment strategies he discusses in this book. From being wage earners trying to pay off our mortgage, we are now on our way to funding our retirement through passive income from our properties."
Helen and Davit Kennett, Victoria 

"Michael Yardney’s How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time, contains an incredible wealth of real world insights from someone who has done it all himself. I’ve seen what he achieved and what some of his clients have managed to achieve so I know that this book should help both the novice and the experienced investor with an abundance of investment strategies."
Perry Venakis

"Congratulations on the book. I have a stack of property books and have been involved in investing for 10 years and consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject. Your book is THE property book ... it is certainly worth every cent."
Simon Peel 

"I have to say it is one of the best property books I have ever read. Your book is now on the top of my list on how to explain the concepts of real estate."
David Boyd and Sylvia Martin 

"A great book, it’s going straight to the 'best of' shelf in my library… you have nicely put together the complete package ... a whole cross- section of street smarts that are intuitive, practical and workable. I think the experience you have imparted here is invaluable …everything made so much sense."
Tom Laubli 

"Your book is now my 'user guide' (may I say 'bible'?) This is the information I have been searching for over 2 years."
Sonya Matthews 

"I think I can truly say I had more ‘a ha’ moments from reading your book than any other that I have read."
Viv Rodda 

"Michael Yardney walks his talk. He is one of the very few property experts I have come across who have developed a systematic approach to property investment and development. This book has a lot of practical information and covers topics that are critical to beginner and advanced investors. I highly recommend this book to our clients and encourage them to take massive action."
Bill Zheng - founder, Investors Direct Financial Group


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