Contents: How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time

Let Me Be Your Million Millionaire 

Part I - What Are We Trying to Achieve?

1. Who is Michael Yardney
2. What is Real Wealth
3. Why Invest in Residential Real Estate
4. How Leverage Can Make Molehills into Mountains
5. Do You Have the Courage to be Rich

Part II - The Next Big Boom

6. Investing for Capital Growth not Cashflow
7. A Lot Can Happen in Ten Years
8. Watching People Patterns (The Study of Demographics)

Part III - Choosing When, Where and What to Buy

9. The Crowd is Always a Day Late (Understanding Timing)
10. Counter-cyclic Investing
11. Location, Location, Location Choosing a Place to Start
12. Establishing Your Comfort Zone (How to Limit Legwork)
13. The Types of Property Available
14. The (Until Now) Unwritten Rules for Selecting Properties

Part IV - Agents, Auctions and Negotiations

15. Taming the Tiger (Dealing with Real Estate Agents)
16. Weekend Warriors and Property Auctions
17. At the Negotiating Table - The Rules of Engagement
18. Temporary Insanity - (The Emotions of Buying and Selling and How to Master Them)

Part V - Number Crunching and Advanced Strategies

19. The Tax Advantages of Residential Property
20. Hidden Surprises (and How to Protect Yourself from Them)
21. Banks and the Secrets to Borrowing
22. Valuations and Refinancing
23. Live the Life of a Property Multi Millionaire
24. Adding Value Through Renovations and Makeovers
25. Property Management (Don't Let Your Properties Manage You!)

So What's Next


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