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Whether a beginning investor or a seasoned professional, you must read this updated edition of our best-selling book to ensure you learn a proven strategy for financial freedom in our new economic era.

“I felt compelled to update this book to teach readers how to protect and build real estate wealth in our changing world and the new financial environment using the proven frameworks I’ve fine-tuned over the last 5 decades and that have stood the test of time and changing markets”

Michael Yardney

This book is not theory – the results have been proven by thousands of Australians who have used the strategies laid out in earlier versions to grow their own multi-million dollar property portfolios.

Powerful NEW strategies to profit in our new economic environment.



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Here's why you should buy this book: 

  • You will be shown a time-proven step-by-step action plan showing how to achieve real wealth through property investment by Australia’s most trusted property commentator - an author with a credible and recognised track record
  • You'll learn how to live the life of a property multi-millionaire using Michael’s pyramiding system to buy more properties with no money out of your own pocket.
  •  Suitable for beginners, yet has advanced strategies for experienced investors
  • Full of time-tested fundamental strategies for these challenging times

What it's about:
Since its first publication in March 2006 How to Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio- in your spare time ¬ has become an Australian investment classic and #1 best seller.

But times have changed and strategic property investors will adapt, so this 16th-anniversary edition has been fully updated taking into account the current economic and financial climate and is a must-read for all Australians keen to develop financial independence through property investment.

Sadly, despite there being just over two million property investors in Australia, 92% never get past their second property since they don’t use a proven system. This book lays out the time-proven system used by strategic investors who’ve succeeded.

It is a plain English guide from an “Insider” with powerful new updated strategies for these challenging times.

More Details

This book is not theory - the results have been proven by thousands and thousands of Australians who have used the strategies laid out in earlier versions to grow their own multi-million dollar property portfolios.

Since the first edition was written in 2006, Australia’s property markets have changed dramatically.

Our changing economic conditions, lending criteria, interest rates, and property markets meant that some of the original strategies, techniques, and ideas had to be updated.

Now boasting a number of new chapters, many updated sections, and up-to-date statistics mean that the new 16th edition of this property investment classic book will be a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced property investors for the foreseeable future.

When first published, this book became a BEST SELLER in less than 3 months and is highly acclaimed by readers. It is written both for beginners as well as advanced property investors and explains how the stage is set for another great property boom.

This is supported by strong demographic evidence that also highlights our next major growth regions. The author details the most important things investors must know to take advantage of the next property boom.

For advanced investors there are chapters on:

  • legal tax loopholes
  • finance strategies in the new economic environment
  • negotiation tactics - learn how to get the best deal whether you are the buyer or the seller
  • dealing with agents - learn to tame the tigers
  • auctions tactics used by the pros
  • and an extraordinary section on living off the increasing equity of your Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio.

For more tips on wealth creation through property investing, see the rest of Michael Yardney's books.

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