Real Estate Reflections & Projections: Wrapping up 2023 and peering into 2024

If you’re like many Australians, you’re probably wondering what’s ahead for our property markets in 2024.

Clearly, inflation will be with us longer and interest rates will remain higher than we were hoping for, so what does this mean for your property investment plans?

Watch this special Masterclass as Dr. Andrew Wilson and I discuss:

  • The main drivers of our housing markets in 2023 and how they are going to be different in 2024.
  • How Australia's housing markets are likely to perform in the next few years when inflation will remain higher than the RBA was hoping for meaning interest rates aren’t ready to fall - yet
  • Why the next property cycle will be very, very different and why that may change your plans
  • What's ahead for rents.
  • Dr. Wilson’s proprietary Housing Barometer – where each state is in the property cycle and his forecasts for 2024.


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