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Michael Yardney

Hi and welcome to my podcast

Have you considered getting involved in property renovations? If so, then today’s show is just for you. Making a tidy profit renovating a property seems like an attractive proposition, doesn’t it? And that’s why more real estate investors are turning to renovations: you know, buy low, renovate cheaply, add substantial value. That’s the aim of…

Success is no accident. The most successful people in life – whether in business, family life, music, or on the sports field – may not always seem like they have much in common. How are The Beatles similar to Steve Jobs? Or Warren Buffett and Shane Warne?  But when their traits, habits, and work ethics…

Property values can’t keep rising! It’s all a Ponzi scheme and is going to come crashing down around us! The only reason our property markets have survived COVID-19 is because of bank and government support. That’s some of the commentary you’ll find in the media and over the internet at present and on the other…

Have you ever wondered how certain people become so rich and successful? Well, if you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my blogs and my books, you’d know that rich people don’t become rich by luck or by accident. Becoming rich requires hard work, dedication, and a certain set of habits. We are what…

How do you evaluate the investment potential of a particular property? Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you today as I share 5 metrics that we use at Metropole when discussing the investment potential of properties that we’re considering showing to our clients.  But I’m also going to share 1 metric that you…

No one expects 2021 to be the same type of rollercoaster ride as 2020. And while there’s plenty of good news for our economy and our property markets, it’s important to remember that considerable uncertainty remains and the extreme dislocation to many businesses over the past year will take time to resolve. Now the general…

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