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APRA shifts its focus [Video]

Transcript: It appears APRA is turning to the banks and warning them that they have fallen well short of expectations regarding portfolio controls for commercial property. APRA has said:  “Justifying lending decisions on the basis of ‘long-standing relationship’ or ‘good track record’ are insufficient, by themselves, to mitigate higher risk characteristics such as higher leverage…

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Sydneysiders moving out

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses why Sydneysiders are relocating for a new lifestyle.   Sydneysiders are leaving in growing numbers and relocating to major regional centres within commuting distance or cutting ties with the big city altogether and moving to coastal seachange areas or regional treechange areas for a complete lifestyle make-over. Others are swapping Sydney…


What the NSW Budget means for home owners

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses details surrounding the NSW budget.  A strong economy and big infrastructure investment were the highlights of the NSW Budget for home owners, with plenty of local markets to benefit from new or upgraded roads, schools, public transport and hospitals. New infrastructure can have a significant impact on property values. Most new…


Changing nature of apartment developments

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses how apartment developments have changed over the last 30 years.  For the first time ever on record (since 1984), we’ve seen more new apartments completed than houses in Australia.  The latest Building Activity report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows 28,102 new houses and 28,527 new apartments and townhouses were completed…

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Is one growth driver more important than others? | Michael Yardney [Podcast]


It’s often asked – “What is likely to drive future property price growth?” Clearly, there are many different growth drivers, but is there one that stands out, one that’s probably more important than the rest. On a recent Real Estate Talk show I spoke with Michael Yardney, from Metropole Properties, who gave us his thoughts on the matter. HERE’S…