Accelerated Wealth Creation [MASTERCLASS]

In this 30-minute Masterclass, I share my top insights into Accelerated Wealth Creation.

Watch as Louise Bedford and I discuss:

  • Knowing what I know now what I would do differently if I had to start all over again.
  • What I mean by people's internal "wealth thermostat" affects the level of their wealth.
  • Some of the biggest obstacles investors must overcome to become financially free and how to overcome these
  • My top insights into accelerated wealth creation.
  • What you can do to take advantage of the  new property cycle and once-in-a-generation property boom we are experiencing

A word of warning...

This video was recorded in 2021 and obviously, some of the comments about the state of the economy and the markets are not really relevant today.

On the other hand...the bulk of the content about accelerated wealth creation is just as relevant as ever, so set aside 30 minutes and watch this Masterclass.

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You will have Australia's best property, tax, finance, and business minds as your personal mentors to help you take advantage of the new economic, property, and business cycle.

Join us from April 29th to May 3rd on the Gold Coast, and you will get: 

  1.  Mentorship - You’ll have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with me and our guest experts so we can help you gain deeper insight and achieve your specific goals in property, business and life.
  2.  Masterminding - You’ll spend several hours a day brainstorming and getting ideas, advice, & solutions to your challenges from a hand-picked group of high achievers.
  3.  Networking - You’ll have plenty of time to build relationships with the other participants during meals, so you can connect on a deeper level and benefit from their input and expertise. 
  4. Fun –  you already know that the days will be very full, but like before…at night we’ve got some surprises for you. 

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