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Pete Wargent is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary and has a Financial Planning Diploma. He’s achieved financial freedom at the age of 33 - as detailed in his book ‘Get a Financial Grip – A Simple Plan for Financial Freedom’. Pete now manages his investment portfolio, travels and works as a consultant in the finance industry from time to time. Visit his blog

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Housing finance accelerates

Total housing finance accelerated to $33.4 billion in seasonally adjusted terms in December 2016, according to the ABS. The original data showed that the preceding month of November saw an unprecedented $36.8 billion of housing finance commitments. The smoothed trend figures suggest a strong re-acceleration in total housing finance since February 2016. For once the…

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What’s going to affect the value of my property in the long term?

If you’re interested in property investment you’re probably wondering what in store for property prices, not just this year but in the longer term.  There are many theories about what makes property prices move, but in the simplest terms, there are two factors that determine price: supply and demand. These factors are themselves affected by…

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Lone household explosion will change the face of our property markets

We’re going to have 4.3 million more households in Australia by 2036! The ABS released its updated Household and Family Projections data for 2011 to 2036. It is fairly well known – and widely reported – that the population of Australia is projected to soar across that time horizon, by more than 10 million heads or 45…