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Peter Fritz

Peter Fritz is a 48-year-old writer, photographer, Web designer and entrepreneur. He runs a site called Blaze Your Own, which teaches middle-aged guys how to reset, recalibrate and reinvent their lives; and to create a ‘second act’ that delivers independence, fulfilment and meaning. .Visit www.


Money and Kids

Let’s talk about children. Children can be expensive. Entitled, demanding, spoiled children are a massive liability – first to you as their parent and later, to themselves when they have to pay their own way.  The wrong habits, if allowed to blossom, last a long time. Perhaps, even a lifetime. I’ve heard the complaints –…

property investment

Eight Signs You’re not a real Property Investor

A lot of people think they’re property investors, but they’re kidding themselves. Instead, they’re playing at being investors. I see this a lot with the self-employed, too.  They like to think they’re in business, but again, their processes, their mindset and their inability to scale their operations show they’re just ‘playing pretend’. Anyone who’s taken…