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Sydney and Melbourne investors should consider rental yields

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses the rising demand from investors in Sydney and Melbourne.   Demand from investors in Sydney and Melbourne is particularly high today following significant property price rises over the past five years in both cities. Investor appetite for bricks and mortar is reflected in the latest finance figures which show that NSW…

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Ask Michael Anything [Video] – What are common investor mistakes or traps?

Whenever trying something new – there’s always the chance of experiencing the ‘trial and error’ phase – property investing is no different, so what can you do? This week watch Michael explain and discuss some of the ways to try and avoid common mistakes and traps through educating yourself.   This week’s question: I’ve often…


The art of business & property investing [Video]

Is there a correlation between being successful in business and property investment?   When it comes to the art of investing there are definite business attributes that help achieve a successful result. Watch Ken Raiss of Metropole Wealth Advisory address 3 questions regarding business and successful property investing. Here’s what he had to say… This video…