Why you’re not bulletproof in high rise apartments | Kevin Turner


Recently on Real Estate TalkRob Balanda discussed why it’s still a good idea to get content insurance, no matter how secure your building is.

Rob Balanda

Kevin:  I received a really nice e-mail from Christine during the week.

Just to summarize, Christine says she’s now moved into a high-rise apartment in Sydney. She is renting, but she feels there’s a whole load that’s been lifted off her shoulder because she now no longer needs to worry about insurance.

Well, I don’t know about that. I’m going to ask Rob Balanda from MBA Lawyers.

 What would be your advice? She’s effectively saying she doesn’t need to take out any content insurance on the unit because she feels so safe.

Rob:  Well, the typical scenario is Christine’s probably moved into a new building, maybe on the eighth floor or something like that, and she feels almost bulletproof now.

Short of a visit from the Spiderman, nothing can touch her.

She’s probably thinking,

“Well, to get into the car park you need a security swipe. Following that, to get into the lift you need the same. And when you get onto the floor all the doors are fitted with security deadlocks.”

She probably feels for the first time in her life she doesn’t need insurance.

“I’m free from those insurance companies!”Home umbrella

Kevin:  What she points out in the e-mail, too, is that there is adequate insurance taken out by the body corporate and she feels that’s sufficient.

Rob:  They’ll have insurance for the building, and they’ll have what’s called public liability insurance.

That’s for slip-and-fall accidents on common property. But no, she needs to think about this. There’s a bit more to this than meets the eye.

Firstly, she’s talking about no insurance at all. She’s talking about going cold turkey, insurance free, without even contents insurance.

So you need to think that through.

You need to understand that it will mean that you’ll have no cover from water damage, say from burst pipes in your unit or from the floor above.
Now, that is the most common claim of all: water damage from over-flowing baths and the like from the unit above.

Kevin:  Is that right?

Rob:  It’s the most common insurance claim in residential units.

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She’ll have no cover, she should understand, for any accidental damage to TV sets or any other contents of her unit while she is living there, or when she’s moving out when she eventually leaves.  Of course, she’ll have no cover for fire or if anyone does slip and fall inside her unit.

Kevin:  So, the insurance by the body corporate doesn’t cover that?

Rob:  It covers public liabilities, slip and fall on common property.
So whilst the risks in life are much reduced as she now lives in a unit, you are not risk free.
Would I feel comfortable or should you feel comfortable, Kevin, in these circumstances not having contents insurance for the unit?
Well, you know what, yes I would. There’s not much in life that is completely risk free, but the risk don’t come much lower than this. I would feel very comfortable without it.

Kevin:  So, you’re suggesting to Christine that she doesn’t need to take out any insurance?

Rob:  I think she should really consider it. In fact, I live in a high-rise unit myself, and I don’t have contents insurance.

Kevin:  But you’re a very cautious person. You’re very careful. I’ve also noticed you’ve never invited me to your place, so I can’t do any damage.

Rob:  It’s too small for a party, Kevin.

Kevin:  Rob Balanda, thanks for your time.  Christine, congratulations on winning that API prize. It’s a great question. I’m sure a lot of people will ask that. Well answered, too, by Rob Balanda from MBA Lawyers. Always, Rob. Thanks for your time.

Rob:  Thank you, Kevin.


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'Why you’re not bulletproof in high rise apartments | Kevin Turner' have 4 comments

    Avatar for Kevin Turner

    December 13, 2014 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

    Why do people do that?
    Quote: “…….What a stupid article.
    Christine obviously has no idea and neither does the commentator……”
    It’s one thing to have a different opinion to someone else. But why get personal and criticise another person’s opinion.
    An adult response would have been.
    “Whilst I respect Christine’s option I have a different opinion because content insurance covers more than simply content….”.
    The world would be a better place with better interpersonal skills. It’s just so unnecessary to criticise others for having a different opinion to ours. It’s not even called tolerance. Its ignorance when we think our way is the only correct way and everyone else is stupid.
    Bigotry, racism, prejudices are all born from ignorance.


      December 13, 2014 Kevin Turner

      Thanks for your opinions Intellectual Emotion and Terry.
      Terry I have to agree with Michael in that I don’t just produce interviews that fit with my thoughts and opinions. I respect what you have to say about insurance as I respect Rob’s view in the interview.
      That the good part about living in a country where we are free to make our own minds up about things like insurance.
      It is just a matter of accepting responsibility for those decisions and living with the consequences and I think Rob covered it well.


    Avatar for Kevin Turner

    December 13, 2014 Terry

    What a stupid article.
    Christine obviously has no idea and neither does the commentator.
    What happens to their liability – out of the unit?
    Most contents policies have a personal public liability cover so it is probably ok not to have cover if the assets are negligible, she never leaves the unit and she lives on the top floor of a building with a concrete roof which will not blow off in a storm.
    The commentator could have done a service to listeners by making clear cut advice or not bother to waste everyone else’s time.
    PS I am not an insurance salesperson, just someone who has been caught before.
    You also need to check the cover in the policy taken


      December 13, 2014 Michael Yardney

      Interestingly I agree with you, however if I only published things I agree with I would not learn and grow, so I’m prepared to publish varying views and keep questioning the validity of my own views


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