Why is my property vacant?

If you have a vacant property, your cash flow stops, your asset is a liability, you increase your chances of vandalism and run the risk of your insurance being void.

Vacancy is the number one enemy of property investors!

Vacancy on all occasions is down to three P’s :

Price gold key house price cost property rent lease buy sell home


9.5 times out of 10 it’s the price.

Rent is very price sensitive.

Know your competition – how many similar properties are there like yours in your area and the surrounds.

There are always people moving but no one wants to pay more than they have to.

If your property was $1 a week you would be knocked by the rush of tenants.


If you have good enquiries and little follow up i.e. applications, second inspections etc.

It will be because your prospects are under-whelmed upon inspection.

This may be the way the tenant is keeping the property, it could be that maintenance hasn’t been kept up or the ad was misleading i.e. you couldn’t call that a bedroom?

As property investors we have an obligation to keep maintenance up in a proactive manner or else we run the risk of getting less qualified tenants.

Property manager

On occasion it could be that your agency or agent is too slow to respond to enquiries. 

You will always receive most enquiries in the first three weeks, especially the first week.

If your agent burns that enquiry, your property AFTER A WHILE WILL BEGIN TO  look stale OR HEAVEN FORBID STIGMATISED.

The agent should show the property at convenient times i.e. after school or work or Saturday mornings.

These times will allow more people through, with more applications to choose from.

Progressive agencies use SMS technology so tenants can register easily for inspections and don’t have to play phone tag.

The way your property manager promotes your property, I find print media expensive with a limited shelf life .

Signs are still useful as a prospect who rings off the sign is already qualified as they know the area and like what they see from the front of the home.

Real-estate has moved to the Web – your listing needs to be well presented and on a dominant website.

Some aren’t worth being on. camera photograph picture sale house rental sell online advertise vacant buy property

Take quality shots as most rental companies still rely on poor quality mobile phone shots – if your rent is $500 a week then the buying decision is $30000 per annum,  let’s take our investment seriously.

The cost is very little  and the pictures can be used over and over !

So in summation price it right , get quality photos on a quality real estate website, have it presented well and shown at times when employed people can attend as employed people make better tenants.

May the wealth be with you!


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Leanne Jopson


Leanne is National Director of Property Management at Metropole and a Property Professional in every sense of the word. With 20 years' experience in real estate, Leanne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to maximise returns and minimise stress for their clients. Visit: Metropole Property Management

'Why is my property vacant?' have 7 comments


    March 21, 2016 Miriam Sandkuhler

    Your presentation plays an important role in getting a tenant. How you present your property reflects your character as a landlord. If your property is not well-presented, you may give the impression that you don’t value your property or tenants. It’s important to keep everything properly maintained. The property should also be professionally photographed to capture its best features and encourage tenants to inspect it in person.



    February 23, 2016 Michael

    I think that’s a good point about real estate agents who take property photos using cheap mobile phones. I’ve listings like that recently, and I’m surprised that the owners don’t call their agents and get them to take the shots again – with a proper camera. It’s like on YouTube, where there are poor quality videos, and people in the comments section write “was that recorded with a potato?”



      February 25, 2016 Darren

      Michael, in my experience never leave images to the amateurs (i.e. agents), get them professionally done. High quality images can be used again and again and pay for themselves. Fuzzy iPhone images – potential renters move on to the next property.



    December 2, 2013 Paul

    In my personal experience the price can be too low. In your example a $1/week property will not get many calls. Most renters will be suspicious of such a deal and will avoid it. Sometimes pricing at the top of the local market will attract more renters for the perceived value.



      December 2, 2013 shannon davis

      Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment and perhaps I left the example a little unfinished. Of course offering the property for too low adversely effects your yield and property value. In rentals the prime time letting period is two weeks – the enquiry drops off sharply from that point. If you leave your price too high in that period – you have burned 60-70% of the enquiry. Rent is very price sensitive.


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