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Which Melbourne suburbs have the best primary schools?

Whether you’re a property buyer or investor, when you’re looking for a new property there are so many things to consider.

Sure, the location, amenities, and transport are important factors that affect a property's value.

But, did you know that state school zoning can also have a huge impact on local property prices?

That’s because some people are willing to pay a significant premium to be located within some primary and secondary school zones.

In Melbourne, competition for places in preferred school zones has pushed property prices sky-high.

And with elite private schools around the country costing parents up to (or in excess of) $30,000 per year, per child, it’s understandable that top-performing public schools are in high demand.


According to Domain Group’s latest 2021 School Zones Report, house prices have risen across most of Melbourne’s school zones, up in 83% of primary and 89% of secondary schools, aligning with the rising property market.

While the top school catchment zones were spread across inner, middle and outer suburbs and across a variety of different price points, a number that topped the list favoured the lifestyle location of Mornington Peninsula.

Interestingly, house price growth varied between neighbouring school zones.

For example, house prices in the Brighton Primary School zone increased 11% annually, while the neighbouring school zone of Elsternwick Primary School dropped 15%.

The report also reveals that annual house price growth in 48% of the primary and 52% of secondary school zones analysed surpassed the respective suburb price growth, with most seeing up to 10% more growth compared to the suburb they are located in.

Here are the high school and primary school catchment areas which have come out on top for Melbourne.

High Schools

Melbourne high schools

The most significant hike in house prices was in the Diamond Valley College school zone which serves a large semi-rural area on the northeast fringe of Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

Median property prices in the catchment area have shot up a huge 32.3% year-on-year to a new median of $990,000.

In second place is St Helena Secondary College which saw property prices shoot up 25.5% to a median of $1.07 million over the past 12 months.

And Edgars Creek Secondary College came very close behind with a 25.3% increase in the median property price for the area - which now sits at $595,000.

The full list of TOP 10 high schools catchment areas

1 Diamond Valley College $990,000 +33.2%
2 St Helena Secondary College $1,077,500 +25.5%
3 Edgars Creek Secondary College $595,000 +25.3%
4 Werribee Secondary College $587,000 +24.9%
5 Mount Erin Secondary College $787,500 +23.0%
6 Craigieburn Secondary College $615,000 +22.9%
7 Cranbourne East Secondary College $600,000 +22.7%
8 Beaumaris Secondary College $1,765,000 +21.7%
9 Roxburgh College $614,500 +19.3%
10 Epping Secondary College $595,000 +19.0%

Source: Domain Group

Primary Schools

Melbourne primary schools

For Melbourne’s primary schools, the data reveals that houses located in the catchment area for Richmond Primary School saw the biggest price jump, of a huge 39.6% over the 12 months to July 2021.

The new median price for the suburb is $1.84 million.

In the second place, with a lower median house price of $1.51 million, is the catchment area surrounding Heidelberg Primary School.

The school zone saw house prices jump 36.7% over the period.

With a house price hike of 35.4% to $1.72 million, the catchment area for Valkstone Primary School came a very close third in this year’s top 10 list.

The full list of top 10 primary school catchment areas

1 Richmond Primary School $1,842,500 +39.6%
2 Heidelberg Primary School $1,510,000 +36.7%
3 Valkstone Primary School $1,726,000 +35.4%
4 Glen Waverly Primary School $1,881,944 +33.0%
5 Surrey Hills Primary School $2,040,000 +29.9%
6 Pakenham Primary School $626,500 +29.2%
7 Clayton South Primary School $978,100 +26.9%
8 Williamstown North Primary School $1,525,000 +26.8%
9 Preston Primary School $1,100,000 +25.7%
10 Cheltenham Primary School $1,196,000 +25.6%

Source: Domain Group

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