Where do Superpowers Come From?

Everyone has superpowers. superhero

Superpowers are the strengths each one of us has that makes us unique.

Let me repeat, everyone has superpowers.

Your superpowers set you apart from everyone else.

Superpowers come from two places:

  1. Genetics
  2. Environment


Everyone has unique DNA, unique genes.

We are given those unique genes at birth. 



We don’t have to work for them, buy them or build them.

They are literally given to us free of charge, without any cost or effort.

Some people are just naturally gifted with genes that make them superior physically.

LeBron James was born bigger and stronger than most others.

I remember watching LeBron James play basketball as a senior in High School.

It was a nationally televised broadcast because so many people were in awe of his superior basketball abilities.

I remember watching the game with my son.

We looked at each other and I said to my son, “he looks like a 25 year old man playing basketball with a bunch of 14 year olds.”

LeBron was just born bigger and stronger and physically more athletic than the kids his own age.

Others are born with superior intelligence.

They are just able to grasp things quicker and easier than others. 

Bill Gates was born smarter than others.

Bill Clinton has a 156 IQ.

Some are born with creativity genes.

They are born more creative than others.

Steve Jobs saw things differently than others.

He was obsessed with design details at a very early age and that gave birth to the Macintosh, iPod and iPhone.

Nicola Tesla was born creative.

He was born an inventor.

He created the 60 cycle rotating magnetic field motor (alternating current motor), Tesla Coil, RADAR, ARC Lamp, radio, XRAY, Solar Engine and 40 other patented inventions that are still being studied to this day.

Still others are born with a humor gene, entertainment gene, mathematical gene, economics gene, the writer gene, the curiosity gene, the music gene, etc.

If you are alive, you were born with some genetic superpower.

Environmentfamily game parent kid child

The environment you were raised in gives you superpowers.

Some people were raised by parents who encouraged their children to explore, to be curious, to experiment, etc.

Some were raised in environments where they were taught certain habits that gave them an edge and lead to success.

Others were raised in environments that fostered learning, creativity, invention, risk taking, etc.

And still others were raised in environments where they came into contact with individuals who inspired them, motivated them, encouraged them.

If you are alive, you were born in an environment that gave you some superpower.21716774_l

Your job is to discover exactly what your superpowers are.

Some you were born with, but most likely, most of your superpowers come from your upbringing, your environment.

Find them and then devote your life to strengthening them.

Don’t waste your time focusing on what you are not good at.

Focus all of your energy on your genetic and environmental strengths.

When you find your superpower, focus all of your energy and time to developing it.

Only when you devote your life to developing and nurturing your superpowers will you truly become happy and successful.


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Tom Corley


Tom is a CPA, CFP and heads one of the top financial firms in New Jersey. For 5 years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of wealthy people and people living in poverty and his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots” which culminated in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. Visit the website: www.richhabits.net

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