What over a decade of conducting property education seminars has taught me

As you might guess, with my annual “Property  Development & Renovations” Workshop coming up in October, I’ve been pretty busy preparing for what has long been regarded as Australia’s leading advanced property training.

That got me to thinking, what have been my biggest lessons from conducting property educational seminars for the last 12 years?

I’m going to list 5 of them here, but first, if you’re the type of property investor  who wants to understand more about this event (and why you should consider joining us when there are so many other events you could go to at no cost) I have a link I would like to share with you:

Click here now to find out all about my annual “Property Development & Renovations” Workshop

Lesson One: Property investment, renovations and development are learned skills

We don’t come out of the womb knowing how to invest in property. It’s much like everything else – writing, reading, driving a car – everyone who has mastered these skills initially had to learn them and now these skills come automatically. And the same applies for the skills of property renovations and development.

What I have realized is that there are two ways you can learn your lessons. You can either learn from your mistakes (what I call paying retail) or you can learn from others (what I call paying wholesale).

Learning from others shortens your learning curve so you don’t pay the full price. Experience is one of the most expensive teachers I know.

Let me illustrate this with a true story…

I remember Peter who came to see us last year. He has been receiving my newsletter for years and knew that Metropole was one of Australia’s largest firms of development managers and he wanted us to assist him with his development project.

He knew the suburbs where we had been buying development sites, so he bought a property in the same suburb and hoped we could help him with the next stages of his development.

Now Peter had worked for one of the big banks for a few years and saw how many of his clients made great money from property development so he thought he would give it a go himself. He left his job and took on a 3 year property course at a local university.

He was going to finish this course at the end of the year, but shared with me that it cost him 3 years and  $20,000 and hasn’t taught him what he needs to know. He has lots of theoretical knowledge – but no “real world” experience.

I could have told him that 3 years ago and saved him $20,000 and 3 years of study.

He was already involved in one development – but it had taken him 18 months to “get out of the ground.” He shrugged this off putting it down to experience.

Well it is. But that’s an expensive way of learning – that’s paying retail. The holding costs of his first project have blown out tremendously and his opportunity cost – the chance to do something else with his money – is enormous.

On the other hand he could have come to my annual Property Development & Renovations Workshop and learned from a team of experts at a fraction of the cost – he could have paid wholesale for his education.

By the way… the property he bought for his next development is one that we would never have bought. Not at any price! This development is bound for failure. That’s what comes from only understanding part of the equation – he knew which suburbs we buy in, but not how we chose our development sites – which is one of the skills we teach at my Property Development & Renovations Workshop.

Why didn’t he join us at workshop in the past? Why is he probably not going to come this year? I can’t say for sure, but it’s probably because he gets satisfaction thinking he is learning from his own experience.

That’s fine – as long as he recognizes the real cost.

This brings me to my next lesson…

Lesson 2: The right relationships are a short cut to reach your investment and wealth goals.

I know it’s almost a cliché that it’s not “what you know but who you know”, still there is a lot of truth to that statement.

That’s why every successful investor I know has built a great team around him. When you come to my workshop you will have the opportunity to spend the weekend with:

·  A leading property tax expert – who will show you how to set up the correct structures to protect you assets, plan you estate and legally reduce your tax.

· A top finance strategist – to help you make sense of all that is happening in the world of finance and how to beat the bank’s at their game.

· A property savvy lawyer – to explain how to protect your assets.

· A plethora of property experts, some who specialise in property renovations and development.

The intimate format of this workshop will give you plenty of time to ask your own personal questions to our faculty of speakers.

Plus all those who book an early bird spot and come at a discounted investment, get a one on one strategy session with me after the workshop, plus lot’s more bonuses.

Lesson Three : We need other people to help us reach our investment and wealth goals.

 I’ve found successful investors surround themselves with a peer group of like-minded friends with whom they can share their wins and their concerns.

If you are being honest, does your current peer group have the experience, strength, and vision to help you get to where you want to go? If not, what do you plan on doing about it?

Take the example of Bruce, who’s come back to our workshop three times.  When Bruce first came to my Workshop 5 years ago he was working long hours and had built a portfolio of cash flow positive, regional properties. The problem was he was still in the rat race and his properties just didn’t seem to be getting him any closer to his goal of financial freedom.

It’s been amazing to watch his growth as he’s turned his property portfolio around.

What’s been the biggest difference?

He’s let other people – his peers and advisors – come into his life and give him no-nonsense, blunt input that he’s used to take his property investment to the next level. He’s now completed his first property development and made more money from that than from his “real job” last year.

It’s too hard to see your investment life in proper perspective. You’re too close. But your peers and advisors are perfectly positioned to give you the valuable feedback and input you need to make better decisions and more effective plans.

Without question one of the biggest things I consistently hear from our workshop graduates is that before they joined us they were isolated in their wealth building.

They didn’t have a Mastermind group of like minded investors or business people with whom they could share their challenges, brainstorm ideas, leverage contacts or celebrate their successes. Many said they were looking for a group of ambitious, positive, like-minded, supportive doers to help them succeed.

You see…alone you are vulnerable. You will never reach your fullest potential. But when you connect with the right people, a whole new set of options you never dreamed possible opens up to you.

In fact, the one of the main reasons people attend my Property Development & Renovations Workshop is to have an instant peer group of movers and shakers. In today’s changing financial environment it’s even more important than ever to have a supportive mastermind group around you.

Please click here and find out all about Australia’s leading advanced property training and then book one of the early bird places on line or call my assistant Jo Fitt on 03 9591 8888 to discuss the curriculum, the networking opportunities, the bonuses, the free accommodation for the interstate and my money back guarantee.

Lesson Four: Chose your teachers very, very carefully.

I’ve been involved in property for almost 40 years – I bought my first investment property when I was in my early 20’s. And I’ve been conducting property education seminars for 12 years now. I’ve arguably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia.

Only last night I was chatting with leading property lawyer Rob Balanda who has been educating property investors for around the same length of time, and we were reminiscing.

In fact we played a little game…where are they now?

We were talking about the new round of property educators that have popped up in the last few years and then remembered dozens of people who were high profile educators who have since disappeared. Interestingly there are only three or four educators who have been around as long as we have and there is only one who’s message has been consistent. The others keep changing their message to sell the latest fad.

What was even scarier was the long, long list of high profile property people who charged a fortune for their get rich quick courses who are no longer around. As I said we played a game of where are they now and came up with a very long list of people who’s message sounded good at the time, but was never backed up with a known, proven and trusted system.

Contrast this to the presenters at this years Property Development & Renovations Workshop the line up is simply phenomenal. Each time I’m totally amazed at the quality of the information they freely give.

We always handpick these speakers for their awesome wealth of knowledge and expertise. But the best part is, they are approachable, friendly and courteous, and love teaching others… including YOU!

In fact, I’ve selected them based on 4 important criteria…

  1. They’re recognized experts in their respective fields
  2. They’re successful and have proven track records
  3. They’re highly sought-after for their knowledge and expertise
  4. They’re approachable, candid and willing to share their inside secrets and disclose some of the most coveted tips!

Quite simply, we bring together some of the best property minds in the Australia for three days to literally give you a mental brain dump of information. We condense decades of time-tested, proven business strategies, and reveal them to you in a closed door, private environment.

Unlike many other seminars, our teachers are not just speakers who run businesses in their minds and speak for a living. They are actively involved in the property markets themselves, day in and day out.

NO fluff. NO theories. NO wannabe’s.

Please click here and find out all about Australia’s leading advanced property training. Then book one of the early bird places on line or call my assistant Jo Fitt on 03 9591 8888 to discuss the curriculum, the networking opportunities, the bonuses and my money back guarantee.

Lesson 5 – Take Action

Recently, a friend of mine – after 10 years of living in the same house – decided to renovate her property.

For years she knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted it to look.  She’d even collected lots of brochures on fittings and finishes – then asked professional architects to draw up plans.

But she never took that final step of making the decision, starting the project, and then taking action — finally enjoying the home she wanted where she can relax, think and dream.

Her story got me thinking about the thousands of people I’ve talked to over the years who’ve always wanted to get started in property investment and more particularly the value added strategies of renovation and development – but haven’t decided to do so. They have not started the process or taken action.

They missed out (as my friend did) on years of living their dreams – many are still in the rat race today. On the other hand a small group of action takers have taken their investments to the next level and are in control of their financial future.

So today, I’ve taking action by contacting you.  Perhaps you’re like those thousands who have received the emails about my annual advanced property Workshop over the years and considered coming but thought “I’ll do it next time!”

Well this is next time! I won’t be conducting this event again for another 12 months.

Take action now and grab one of those few EARLY BIRD PLACES at my Property Development & Renovations Workshop being held at the end of October.  By the way, as we managed to book the venue at a special discount rate, we’ve passed this on to you. We’ve never been able to offer this information to you before at this price.


Strip the lessons from all the seminars I have conducted to their core and what is clear is that we all need a place and a community of other people to push, stretch, and inspire us to go after our dreams.
The world’s default setting is to dampen your fire and dull your dreams.

PLUS…you need to take action.

If you have ever dreamed about joining us at my annual Property Development & Renovations Workshop for this one-of-a-kind event, then I urge you to take the next step. Please click here and find out all about Australia’s leading advanced property training. Then book one of the last available early bird seats on line or call my assistant Jo Fitt on 03 9591 8888 to discuss the curriculum, the networking opportunities, the bonuses and my money back guarantee.

I look forward to spending 3 days with you at the end of October.

P.S. My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Means You Attend At No Risk!

If the time we spend together at this intensive workshop does not give you the skills you require to be a successful property investor and if I don’t answer all your reasonable questions satisfactorily then you will pay me nothing!…….

P.P.S. – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

It is now your turn to make the decision to take that first step. We will support you all the way and show you and teach you what you need to know in order for you to become a Super Successful Property Investor.

By the way – Some investors may be able to write some or all this off on their taxes as a business expense! Ask your accountant if you can get Julia Gillard to foot the bill for you at the end of the year.

Click here to register now!



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