Weekend Reads: Must-see blogs from the past week

There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month.

Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

Monday will be here before you know it, so enjoy some weekend reading…and please forward to your friends by clicking the social link buttons.

Outer-suburb markets could halve in value

An article published on Smart Property Investor suggested that there is a huge price correction on the way for Sydney’s outer suburbs.


Changes to Australia’s real estate market will be felt the most in Sydney’s booming outer suburbs, according to two experts – but just how drastic will the ensuing price correction be?

Suburbs in traditional mortgage belt areas – including Sydney’s Penrith – are likely to suffer the most from any future rise in interest rates, as overextended homeowners and investors grapple with increased repayments and reduced demand.

Speaking to Smart Property Investment’s sister publication Real Estate Business, CEO of Century 21 Real Estate Group Charles Tarbey highlighted the current exposure risk of buyers in markets such as Penrith, with particular regard to off-the-plan developments.

“A property in Penrith that was $300,000 two years ago, is now selling for $700,000. It could just as easily go the other way, particularly if interest rates climb,” he said.

 See the full article here.

Women look differently at property investment

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner.

In this show:

  • Michael Yardney addresses  the widening gap between the rich and the poor and tells us about his new book as well.
  • Brad Beer  discusses 7 simple tax rules for property investors .
  • Did you know that 1 in 5 property transactions are currently delayed due to error? I didn’t and what’s more, these errors can cause delays of up to 1 year. There is a solution and we tell you about it today.
  • Jodi Walker and her team at Secret Agent have revealed the results of a fascinating survey they have conducted
  • Chan & Naylor’s Ken Raiss answers questions about lines of credit, GST and Capital Gains tax on vacant land and transferring equity from a principal place of residence into a trust.

If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly Internet based radio show do so now by clicking here.

The Nomophobia Test: Fear of Being Without Your Mobile Phone

PsyBlog featured this test for ‘nomophobia’ – short for “no-mobile-phone phobia”.

People in the study responded to the statements below on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree).

Here are the statements:

1. I would feel uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone.The Nomophobia Test

2. I would be annoyed if I could not look information up on my smartphone when I wanted to do so.

3. Being unable to get the news (e.g., happenings, weather, etc.) on my smartphone would make me nervous.

4. I would be annoyed if I could not use my smartphone and/or its capabilities when I wanted to do so.

5. Running out of battery in my smartphone would scare me.

6. If I were to run out of credits or hit my monthly data limit, I would panic.

Take the full test here.

Life expectancy to historic highs

In a recent blog, Pete Wargent shared his findings from the latest ABS Deaths data.

The ABS released its Deaths data for 2014 in the past week, and despite the slightly ominous title there is some good news: life expectancies have increased to historic highs!

Over the past ten years life expectancy at birth for males improved by 2.2, years and for females life expectancy at birth improved by 1.4 years.

Thus based on the latest mortality rates a boy born in 2012-14 can expect to live until beyond his 80th year, while a girl can expect to live for 84.4 years.

This takes life expectancy in Australia to its highest level on record, while there are only six other countries in the world that can boast a life expectancy above 80 years (those bding: Japan, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Israel).

Life expectancy to historic highs

Source: ABS

Of course, this happy news also has important implications for pension plans.

The reality is that if you are fortunate enough to survive until the traditional retirement date today, there is every chance that you could be around for several decades beyond your working lifetime.

For that reason, it has become more important than ever that you have a portfolio of investments that can go on working for you (or can be realised/converted into an annuity).

Fun facts

Mental floss features a great Amazing Fact Generator.

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • A group of jellyfish is called a ‘smack.’Fun facts
  • When cranberries are ripe, they bounce like a rubber ball.
  • Despite the well-known urban legend, if a bird ingests uncooked rice it will not explode.
  • A ship going through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific has to travel southeast through the locks, because that’s how the water runs where the canal was constructed.
  • The term “lawn mullet” means having a neatly manicured front yard and an unmowed mess in the back.
  • Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin Aldrin got the nickname “Buzz” because his sister used to mispronounce the word “brother” when she’d refer to him.

Weekend video: Ping Pong Trick Shots 2

A massive plug for Pringles but entertaining none the less!

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