Weekend Reads – Must see articles from the last week

There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month.

Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

Monday will be here before you know it, so enjoy some weekend reading…and please forward to your friends by clicking the social link buttons.

They get $438k, you get just $48k: figures show the uber-rich are earning more and more

They are some of the word’s gretaest minds, and they’re income is a perfect reflection.

According to a recent article in the age.com.au the rich just keep getting richer.

The top 1 per cent of Australian earners amassed an extraordinary 9 per cent of Australian income in 2013, the highest proportion since the 1950s. 2630176_l

As recently as the early 1980s the top 1 per cent took in just 4.4 per cent.

An analysis of the latest tax statistics to be published by the Melbourne Institute shows the top 0.1 per cent – a mere 18,750 people – took in 2.7 per cent, also the highest take since the 1950s.

The starting income for the top 1 per cent was $237,300.

On average each earned $438,100.

The entry income for a member of the top 0.1 per cent was $608,700.

On average each earned $1.3 million.

Find the full article here

The red flags that will turn buyers off + What buyers will pay extra to have in a property + The pros and cons of a ‘no reserve’ auction

Another great Real Estate Talk show  produced by Kevin Turner.

In this show:

  • Michal Yardney speaks about what he calls a ‘learning tax’ that may apply if you believe you can invest from a distance.
  • Jennifer Duke  from Domain.com.au lists the top 10 reasons buyer are turned off from buying a property.
  • Helen Collier-Kogtevs reveals the long-term errors investors can make in their existing financial plan.
  • Shannon Davis identifies the most affordable suburbs in Brisbane.
  • Bessie Hassan from Finder.com.au discusses costy money mistakes afffecting Australians.
  • Justin Nickerson  director of Apollo Auctions discusses a recent no-reserve auction in Chelmer, which wasn’t quite a no-reserve auction.

If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly Internet based radio show do so now by clicking here.


The latest proposition to remove stamp duty has been met with mixed responses according to the latest blog from Pete Wargent.

A bit of debate around about the abolition of stamp duty in favour of land taxes, which the states will naturally reject.

The New South Wales Office of State Revenue reported that in December NSW collected was an astronomical $1,215,028,347.

This represents a gargantuan increase of +$500 million or +70 per cent from December 2014.

Transactions will likely be lower for the calendar year 2016 following APRA’s crackdown on investor lending.

However, you can see from the chart above why the states will stand in direct opposition to any such reform.

Read the full article here

Next generation will not be able to afford a mortgage: Survey

From a very young age we plan to one day own out very own home

But according to a recent article in Your Investment Property Magazine this may just remain a fantasy for the next generation.

Almost three in five Australians believe the next generation will never own their own home, the results of a new survey have shown.

According to research from Ipsos and MLC, 58% of those surveyed said the next generation will be forced to rent all their lives and never own their own home.

Much of this anxiety has been fuelled by the increase in house prices over the last five years.

Data from CoreLogic RP Data shows house prices across Australia’s capital cities have increased by a cumulative 49.2% post GFC, since January 2009.

Further, almost 1 in 5 (17%) in the Ipsos and MLC survey indicated that will be relying on family inheritance to pay off their mortgage or ensure their financial security.

Click here for the full article

Your iPhone Keeps a List of Everywhere You’ve Ever Been. Here’s How to Delete It

It is no secret that the arrival of social media has mean the end of privacy as we know it.

But even if you haven’t yet circum to the likes of Facebook & Twitter, according an article in time.com your phone alone is enough to monitor your every move.

Here’s how to delete your “frequent locations.”location smart phone mobile area map techonolgy direction lost help guide

We’ve all become lax with our privacy in the Facebook age, but this iPhone feature may take things a bit too far.

Buried deep (deep) in your privacy settings is an automated feature that records every place you’ve ever visited, every time you’ve been there.

After reading about the Big Brother-esque app on Thrillest, I went to my settings to see how much it really knew about me.

Turns out it could pinpoint my apartment here in New York, the address of the house I stayed in during a recent to trip to Boston, and my home address back in Michigan.

In fact, your iPhone lists all of the exact locations of the major cities you’ve been recently.

Click here for the full article

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