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Apartment projects likely to be shelved until next growth cycle

It is no secret that apartment blocks have become somewhat of a phenomenon over the last few years – but is it all too good to be true?

An article in Your Investment Property Magazine reveals that whilst buyers have been made a lot of promises, the likelihood of their apartment being built in time seems highly unlikely.

As it emerges that numerous developers are concerned about their ability to secure finance for their projects, one respected property market analyst believes many residential developments may be put on ice until the next growth cycle eventuates.44298531 - image of condo on afternoon with sun set

Analysis of recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures by CoreLogic shows that the 19,276 new dwellings approved in May was 9.1% lower than the peak level of 21,197 that was recorded in May 2015, which was also a record high for monthly approvals.

May also marked four straight months of declining approvals.

In May, unit approvals fell 10.3% and were 17.9% lower year-on-year, while detached house approvals were 0.2% higher over the month and 1.5% higher year-on-year.

CoreLogic research analyst Cameron Kusher said approvals still remain elevated compared to long-term figures, though he believes there is an increasing probability that projects will not make it to the construction phase.

“We expect that an increasing number of these properties, particularly in the unit segment won’t be built in the current housing market cycle,” Kusher said.

“With a record high number of units set to settle over the next two years we would anticipate developers and lenders will become more cautious around unit projects,” he said.

Find the full article here

Little known co-ownership benefit + How to detect a spruiker.

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner.

Michael Yardney shares the dos and don’ts of successful investors. 

Cameron Kusher picks highlight from the CoreLogic RP Data  national Profile of the Australian Residential Property Investor.

Anna Porters discusses her book “Whistle Blower” where she addresses six key questions you can ask to help you identify a modern day Spruiker.

Brad Beer explains the little known benefits of split depreciation schedules in this case as well.

Pete Wargent says there is a re-bound in population growth and he looks at what this means for our property markets with a special focus on the Victorian market.

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Biz confidence around post-GFC high

Despite the daily doom and gloom seen on the news, it would seem there is some good news in the business sector.

According to this Blog by Pete Wargent, June showed a significant jump in business confidence.

The June 2016 NAB Monthly Business Survey recorded business confidence jumping +3 points to a reading of +6.

A pretty fair effort given the recent turmoil in Britain.

Meanwhile business conditions bolted even higher to a reading of +12, which is miles above the long run average of +5, and an 8-year high.


Not the kind of result you’d typical associate with further rate cuts, but these are not typical times.

Retail prices fell by -0.2 per cent, which may have implications for the all-important inflation figures.

The inflation (CPI) figures for the second quarter will be released on July 27 – one to watch very closely!

Read the full article here

First-home buyers hit lowest level in a decade, price falls ‘needed’

It is no secret that being a first home buyer is tough – and it shows in the statistics.

As reported in an article on there is a great demand for a property price drop, to help first home buyers enter the property market.

First-home buyers are now at their lowest levels in more than a decade, data released on Monday shows.

As a proportion of all home buyers, first-home buyers dropped to 13.9 per cent in May, according to housing finance data released by the Australian Bureau of first home buyer dreaming houseStatistics.

Down from 14.4 per cent in April, this latest result is the lowest since 2004.

At that time, the proportion fell to a record low 12.8 per cent as grants for first-home buyers came to an end.

For first-home buyers to make a significant return prices would have to fall, BIS Shrapnel senior manager of residential Angie Zigomanis said.

“A drop in prices of some sort is needed, but we’ll also need a reduction in expectations in terms of what [first-home buyers] are looking for,” Mr Zigomanis said.

“At some point they have to come back, in theory … but for now the market is tough.”

And a slowdown might be on the cards.

While month-to-month figures can be volatile, overall lending figures are slowing from the frenzied levels of 2015, HSBC chief economist Paul Bloxham said.

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What Your Coffee Preferences Say About Your Personality

Are you a lover of coffee? Did you know that the way you take you coffee can say a lot about who you are?

Whether you’re a latte lover or need your daily ristretto kick, this article from will tell you everything you need to know about your choice in coffee.

You’ve probably never thought twice about the kind of coffee you order every morning on your way to work. coffee instant cafe

Some of us have been drinking the same thing for years, and it’s just a matter of liking what you like — right?

There might be more to this story.

A recent study examined one thousand coffee drinkers and associated personality traits and types with their coffee preferences.

There were some overall similarities and rather interesting discoveries that showed up amidst the preferred coffee styles, revealing a deeper insight into the choices we make and the (coffee) people we are.

So only one question remains: what does your coffee choice say about you?

The Cappuccino Lover

Uh oh — personality traits belonging to cappuccino drinkers revealed some definite signs of wanting control.

The Affogato Consumer

Pretty please with a cherry on top! You like your coffee black, but you like a little treat on the side.

The Ristretto Person

You are a rare bird, but you’re self conscious about it because you know that ordering a ristretto is rare and a tad wacky, and you know that the person you order from knows it’s rare and a tad wacky, and you know that they know that you know, you know? coffee-5

The Espresso Lover

Quick and easy and to the point! You’re always in a hurry, so you like your coffee strong and fast and on the go.

The Long Black Drinker

You’re straightforward, a straight shooter, you like things black and white.

The Latte Consumer

You like things to come easy, and you can be indecisive at the best of times.

The Soy Milk Consumer

You’re a little high maintenance, sad to say.

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