Weekend Reads – Must-See Articles from the Last Week

There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month.

Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

Monday will be here before you know it, so enjoy some weekend reading…and please forward to your friends by clicking the social link buttons.


Australia’s highest earners believe they are middle or lower class – despite earning more than $200,000 a year

The term ‘middle class’ appears to have had a makeover according to this report from SmartCompany. protect umbrella portfolio saving money coin insurance rainy day

The majority of top earners in Australia consider themselves to be middle or lower class, despite having a household income of $200,000 or more, according to a report released this week.

Middle class has seemingly become an umbrella term to describe almost everyone in Australia, except for those at the very top and bottom of the scale, according to the research conducted by Ipsos Australia for MLC Wealth.

The Australia Today report by Ipsos Australia for MLC Wealth assessed the lifestyle, financial security and retirement plans of 2000 Australians and found a consumerist culture is dominating more than ever before.

Two thirds of high-income households surveyed in the report consider themselves to be “middle class”, “lower middle class” or even “working class”.

See the full article here


Fundamental truth about successful investing + Lifestyle trends and properties

Another great Real Estate Talk  show  produced by Kevin Turner.

In this show:

  • Michael Yardney  reflects on his experiences as an investor, giving an insight into what he would of changed.
  • Brad Beer  discusses if claiming depreciation on an investment property will lower the value of the house in the eyes of the ATO.
  • Chris Gray  from Sky TV explains why his strategy works beautifully, despite appearing boring.
  • Jane Slack-Smith gives investor some the latest renovations tips  to help grow their portfolio
  • Mark McCrindle takes us through the latest  lifestyle trends and their impact on property.
  • Shannon Davis  talks about the fundamental belief that property is all about “location, location, location”.

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Infrastructure plan (building up, not out!)

Pete Wargent discusses the latest infrastructure plan in his recent blog.

Last month I took a look here at the Infrastructure Audit background paper and what it might mean for Australian cities of the future.

Today Infrastructure Australia released its detailed plan which you can find here.

In terms of where Australia’s population is expected to grow, there were few surprises, with an extra 8.2 million people expected between 2011 and 2031.














7 million of those will be found in our “cities”, which in this context means the eight capital cities, plus Geelong, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong.

Almost three quarters of the projected population growth will be in the four largest cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, which ecollectively are expected to grow by more than 6 million people over the two decade period.

By contrast, our other cities are projected to grow, but collectively by under one million people.


3.6m households pay no net tax

Australian household are said to be hit with a major tax shakeup according to this article in Business Spectator.

The one-third of working households receiving more in government benefits than they pay in tax — many of them families — will be targeted by the federal government in a bid to make the system fairer, cut spending and rein in waste.

Scott Morrison, Social Services Minister Christian Porter and their departments are working on ways to untangle the tax-and-transfer system with a focus on the 3.6 million households who are net beneficiaries of government payments.

Click here for the  full article


How to become a property millionaire in 2016

A New Year usually means one thing – New Year resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is building ones wealth.

Why not make this year the year you turn that resolution into a reality, find out how in the latest article from Yahoo finance.


After a number of boom years in the Australian property market, prices have begun to ease, but experts remain confident that no crash is in sight.

In this type of environment – with property becoming more affordable yet still holding value – for those which find themselves with a little spare cash, there is a very real opportunity for everyday Aussies to become property millionaires through investment.

Here are some top tips to get rich with property investment.

For the full article click here


Weekend Video: Learning Patience from man’s best friend


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