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Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

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The Agency arrives in Sydney with the aim of disrupting real estate giants

New trends, new players and new models have been part of any industry for as long as anyone can remember  – and real estate is no different.

Whilst Sydney’s real estate industry appears to run like a well oiled machine – it’s about to get a shake up from a new player in town.

Domain.com.au reported that ‘The Agency’ is set take create a brand new model that will change the real estate game.

A new player will enter Sydney’s already crowded real estate market with hopes not only to take market share off industry giants, but also to upset the long-established franchise model. There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports

The Agency will open the doors of its Bondi Beach office with 17 high-profile Sydney agents, headed up by former top-ranking executives at rival McGrath Estate Agents Matt Lahood and Steven Chen, as well as former McGrath executives Maria Carlino and Thomas McGlynn.

Top-performing agents Ben Collier and Shad Hassen will also join as partners.

Billed as a “disruptive and fast growing real estate sales and property management business” it breaks from the traditional franchise model to be more of a real estate one-stop shop – it will offer selling agents, property management services, as well as mortgage-broking services, settlement agents and insurance brokers.The Agency arrives in Sydney with the aim of disrupting real estate giants

In contrast to the traditional franchise agency model, The Agency will offer more lucrative splits for the agents.

Franchise agencies usually take a 50:50 split on all the agents’ sales commissions, with more generous 60:40 splits in the agents’ favour in some cases.

However, The Agency offers agents a starting split of 75:25 split in the agents’ favour, rising to 80:20 and 85:15 as higher targets are met.

Agents are also offered a buy-in on the property management income stream.

That split is expected to lure more top-performing selling agents away from the leading franchise groups, as well as deter agents from opening their own boutique firms.

Read the full article here

A warning about ‘sprukers’ – BUYERS BEWARE + ICE properties + ‘Cookie Cutter’ renos

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner. 


Dr Andrew Wilson talks about his 2016 predictions and what impacted his views, what happened and how those actions will impact us this year.

Shannon Davis answers some of your questions and in doing so, he warns about believing everything you are told.

Andrew Mirams gives his view on buying a property for a minor.

Josh Masters managing director and licensee of a website Investors Edge Real Estate based in WA, talks about when he decided to get into property investment and why.

If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly internet based radio show do so now by clicking here.

How to build a great team

What does it take to build a great team?

Good leadership? Communication? Compatibility?

Perhaps it taken a combination of elements to create a positive flow.

This Blog by Pete Wargent, looks at the structure of building a successful team.

Choosing your great team How to build a great team

A fair few years have been swept under the bridge now since I studied Business Management, but with quite a bit of real world experience under my belt I thought it might be an opportune time to look at how you might go about building a great team.

The process all starts with attempting to pick out the right people in the first place, which is probably 80 per cent of the battle in my experience, the rest being largely fine-tuning.

A chap with many letters after his name, Mr. Donald Tosti, designed the following ‘Energy Investment Model’ framework to profile the four different types of members of a team.

In an ideal world, what you want are life’s players or winners, with a high level of energy and a relentlessly positive attitude.

Of course, everyone wants to hire these people, so it’s not always that easy!

Energy investment model

At the other end of the scale there are the ‘walking dead’, those sad folks with a low level of energy and a negative attitude to boot, what the SAS might refer to as ‘energy sappers’.

These people are often life’s victims: every challenge or problem is someone else’s fault.

Read the full article here

Australia has the third most expensive housing market in the world

Are we really facing a housing affordability crisis?

It would seem that there are endless headlines with different opinions – But how to the number add up?

According to an article on Your Investment Property Magazine statistics show that whilst Australia doesn’t have the most expensive housing market – we are certainly up there.

Faced with ludicrous headlines about tin sheds selling for millions of dollars in Sydney and a growing national housing affordability crisis, many Aussies wouldn’t be surprised to learn Your Investment Property Magazine that housing in Australia’s major cities is among the least affordable in the world.

International housing affordability think tank Demographia recently released its 13th survey on house prices around the world, analysing prices from the third quarter of 2016.

The survey found that Sydney has the second most unaffordable major city housing in the world.

Melbourne trailed closely behind, coming in at number six on the list.
Melbourne trailed closely behind, coming in at number six on the list. Australia was found to have the third most expensive housing market in the world.

Hong Kong took first spot and New Zealand took the second spot.

The survey compares average home prices to median income, taking in 94 major cities and 406 areas in total.

Click here for the full article

Here’s exactly what to say and do when you’re stuck in the elevator with your CEO

Do you often get lost for words when taking the elevator with you boss?

Or are you afraid to say the wrong thing?

If this is a conundrum you’re often faced with sixths article from Business Insider has got you covered,

Should you ever find yourself riding the elevator with the leader of your company, you have a few different options:

A) Immediately press the button for the floor below so you can escape  Business Insider

B) Stare straight ahead without making eye contact or moving a muscle so as to convince your CEO that you’ve disappeared

C) Conduct yourself like a normal human being

Trust us — option C is harder than it sounds.

To find out exactly how a normal human being behaves in this situation, we asked Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an etiquette and civility expert and the author of “Don’t Burp in the Boardroom” for her best advice on not making a fool of yourself.

First, Randall said, if you haven’t yet met your CEO personally, introduce yourself: “Good morning, [your CEO’s name]. I’m [your first and last name.]” Be sure to make eye contact, smile, and extend your right hand to shake.

Then bring up something timely and relevant to the company.

So if the holidays just passed, you can say, “By the way, thank you. That [company party] was a great idea. It’s my first year here and I’ve never worked at a company that was so generous.” Don’t Burp in the Boardroom

Or, if you heard that your CEO was travelling abroad recently, ask about their trip.

Another option is to talk about a recent project your department completed.

That said, if you don’t know much about company news, or can’t think of anything on the spot, Randall said it’s fine to stay more general and ask your boss how their holidays were, for example.

At the same time, Randall cautions that if you try to start a conversation with your boss and notice that they give a curt response or look down at their phone, take the hint.

Be quiet for the rest of the ride.

Even in the case that your CEO isn’t that talkative, make sure to say, “Nice to meet you” as you exit the elevator.

Click here for the full article

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