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Foreign investors make up lion’s share of CBD property

It would seem that with every trip to the city, another commercial building is on the rise – but who’s the owner?

Research results, reported in an article for Your Investment Property Magazine, suggest that foreign investors make up a huge portion of the CBD commercial property ownership.

In fact, it is predicted that this trend will only keep rising.

building city commercial property

Foreign investors make up more than two thirds of Australian CBD commercial real estate, a new survey has revealed.

According to research from commercial and industrial real estate network, Savills Australia, investors splashed out nearly $18 billion on Australian office property – both CBD and metropolitan – in the 12 months to June.

Foreign investors in particular were behind a 48% share overall, and a massive 68% share in CBDs.

The $17.9 billion total – comprising $9.8 billion worth of CBD office transactions and $8.1 billion worth of Non-CBD – was up almost 35% on the five year average.

Sydney had the most transactions by value at $4.6 billion, or 47% of CBD office sales nationally, while Melbourne had the greatest number of transactions, with 28 comcommercialmercial transactions.

According to Savills national head of research, Tony Crabb, this was the seventh consecutive year that Australian office sales had seen year on year increases, with the exception of 2012.

“This has been an extraordinary run which is unprecedented locally and there is no reason to believe we won’t see the upward trend continue given the current global economic and political status quo,” Crabb said.

Whilst foreign investors made up the lion’s share of CBD transactions, Crabb said off-shore buyers also figured prominently in Non-CBD sales, purchasing 25% of the stock sold for $1.9 billion.

Find the full article here

A walk down the property memory lane + We sort the App wheat from the App charf

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner.

Michael Yardney reflects back on the last decade, outlining the 10 big factors that have impacted our property markets. 

Anna Porter from warns to be be very cautious of filling your portfolio with regional properties, or buying in tourism hubs if you are looking to buy a growth property.

Nhan Nguyen is in week 2 of the 30 day flipping exercise, he is attempting to buy and sell an property in 30 days and make a big profit along the way. We will continue to follow his journey to see what we can learn.

Rich Harvey president of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia discusses online tools designed to help home-buyers and investors make decisions about property purchases.

Sam Saggers reflects on his first investment, how he got hooked on positive cash flow property, how he works with agents and the drivers that he looks for before buying.

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There’s nothing commuters hate more than traffic on their busy morning run, unfortunately the problem seems to only be rising.

According to this Blog by Pete Wargent, the number of on-road vehicles continues to skyrocket in numbers, and with it so is congestion.

Busier roads traffic car congestion

If you’ve felt that there seem to be ever more cars clogging up Australia’s capital cities…well, you’d be absolutely bang on, of course!

Not only is the population growing in a more concentrated fashion, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, the national vehicle fleet is growing at an even faster rate than the national population, increasing by +2.1 per cent in the year to January.

That’s an absolute increase of 379,369 registered motor vehicles.


According to the ABS Motor Vehicle Census for 2016, the biggest increase in the number of vehicles was seen in New South Wales, putting pedal to the metal in accelerating at a thumping +127, 220.

Meanwhile the fastest percentage increase was seen in Victoria (+2.5 per cent), just ahead of NSW (+2.4 per cent), while Queensland (+2.2 per cent) was following pretty closely in the rear view mirror.

Over the last five years there has been a truly enormous increase in the number of registered vehicles in NSW (+596k), Victoria (+483k), and Queensland (+452k).

If you ever needed substantiation for why people will increasingly favour place over space in our capital cities, this could be the salient reason.

Read the full article here

RBA boss Glenn Stevens: Parents should expect they’ll have to help their kids buy a house

The issue of property prices rising seems to consume our headlines daily, especially when it comes to the younger generation.

But the question still remains – how can today’s young generation afford to buy a home?

An article for the Business Insider has reported that parents may have to take some of the financial burned when it comes to their children’s property purchase.

The surge in property prices, especially in Sydney and Melbourne has made home owners extremely wealthy but cruelled the prospect of home ownership for many who aren’t already in the market.housebow-300x299

That’s especially true for younger Australians.

That is causing some intergenerational issues in housing, which is a bigger question than “is there a housing bubble or not” according to RBA governor Glenn Stevens in the full transcript of his interview with the Australian and Wall Street Journal.

Stevens acknowledged “it’s always been hard to be that cohort that’s trying to enter the market. There’s always been a hurdle. It may be getting worse, though part of this is – I mean, there’s a lot of things happening here”.

One of things that’s happening, Stevens believes, is that a chunk of the wealth home owners think they are sitting on in their house will prove ephemeral.

That’s because if they want their children to own a home then they are going to have to give them some of that cash to do so.

Click here for the full article

Is this the most expensive home on the planet? Opulent French villa on the Côte d’Azur is valued at an astonishing £250m

When you think of the worlds most expensive home, what comes to mind?

Mansions? Castles? – What about a Villa?

Once a holiday home for King Leopold II of Belgium, this property described in an article by The Daily Mail UK, it truly the epitome of luxury, not to mention expense.

An opulent French villa on the Côte d’Azur has been valued at £250 million – putting it on course to be the most expensive home ever sold.

Villa Les Cedres is in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, a refuge between Nice and Monaco for some of the world’s richest people, and known for its spectacular waterfront 36C5495C00000578-3717190-image-a-7_1470049623424properties, high prices and private beaches.

Built in 1830, the villa was once the former holiday home of King Leopold II of Belgium.

It was sold in 1924 to Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle, owner of the Grand Marnier liquor brand.

But when Italian spirits company Davide Campari-Milano bought the firm earlier this year, it also acquired the villa.

The property comes with all the amenities expected in – what could be – the world’s most expensive home, including a party room, a concierge, a flower garden, and an impressive 25 heated greenhouses.

The astonishing property sits in expansive manicured gardens overlooking the glistening blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Drinks businesses often own prestigious hotels and events spaces as part of their empires, although many have now been forced to sell them to cut costs.

Click here for the full article

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