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22% Of Gen Y’s Own At Least One Investment Property

With all the talk of Gen Y’s not being able to afford their first home – a surprising statistic has come to surface.

According to an article Your Investment Property Magazine 22% of Gen Y’s own an investment property – in fact they are ahead of the rest.

Despite stricter regulations governing investor lending and signs that the property marketing is slowing, investor demand has continued to grow.first home buyer dreaming house

According to ING Direct’s latest Household Financial Wellbeing Index, the number of Australians investing in property has grown by 3% since mid-2015.

Property still holds a strong appeal for investors, with one in every five (20%) of Aussies saying they own an investment property.

New South Wales and Western Australia continue to lead in terms of the highest percentage of residents with at least one investment property (22% each).

Both states grew year-on-year by 4%.

Meanwhile, Western Australia has taken the crown from NSW and Victoria, and residents with multiple investment properties have more than doubled in the past year (from 4% to 9%).You man carrying his wife upstairs in their new house

“The only state where appetite for investment property has dampened is South Australia, in which approximately one in every 10 (11%) people owns an investment property, down from 15 per cent in 2015.”

Rather surprisingly, younger investors are leading when it comes to property investment.

“What’s interesting is that while there are continued questions around affordability and the challenges for younger generations in getting onto the property ladder, it’s actually Gen Y that is leading the property investment pack,” stated Mark Woolnough, head of third party distribution at ING Direct Australia.

Read the full article here

Are great property investors born or made? + “Anything is possible when you don’t know what you’re doing”

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner.

Michael Yardney shares what he has learnt from working with top people over the years. 


Nerida Connisbee from the REA group, discusses the findings of their Group Property Demand Index.

Gavin Norris, head of Juwai in Australia, gives an update on foreign buyers and their influence on the Australian property market.

Charles Tarbey, CEO, founder and owner of Century 21 Australasia, tells us how he was able to buy his first house, in Sydney, at the tender age of 18.

Danni Addison, Victorian Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, discusses today’s housing affordability issue.

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Consumer confidence…levitates

Despite world uncertainties, fearful headlines and one of the most talked about elections – consumer confidence is up.

This Blog by Pete Wargent, looks at the latest statistics surrounding the results.

Up we go again, Trump election triumph or no…

Consumer confidence edged +0.3 per cent higher after rising by +3.2 per cent last week to sit well above the 25-year average.


Read the full article here

The seven essential habits of highly wealthy people

What makes the wealthy so different from everyone else?

The obvious answer is of course their wealth – but more importantly it’s their habits.

This article from the 7 most essential habits – how many will you start applying today?

One of my aspirational employees has continually asked me for the seven essential practices of highly wealthy people.umbrella coverage home rich

As a 20-something working for the Switzers, he has worked out that building his bank balance and his assets won’t come by fluke.

Oz Lotto says you have a 1 in 45,379,620 chance of pulling off the big prize! I rest my case.

1. The desire to build wealth  

First, you really have to have the desire to build your wealth.

2. Build a business (or your own personal brand)

Second, understand that the majority of very wealthy people have done it via starting a business and investing in property.

3. Become an expert on property and shares (hint: requires reading)girl-reading-a-book-at-home-picjumbo-com

Become an expert on property and shares.

4. Find a great accountant

Find a great accountant, even if it takes you a few attempts.

5. Find a financial adviser you can trust

Find a trustworthy and smart financial adviser.

6. Master your money mind set rich money lesson think motivational learn teach money

Become unbelievably professional about your money.

7. Think it – be it! 

Think wealthy – Visualise yourself wealthy.

The bottom line: Be odd!

The point is simple — if you want to be a success at anything, you have to go from being normal to abnormal.

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Nine items you need to get rid of by age 30

There are a lot of things that should be left behind in your 20’s – questionable outfits, bad investment choices – and old household items.

By the time you reach 30, a lot should change – but to help you clear your home an article on has come up with a list.

Navigating your 20’s can be challenging, to say the least.  36674385_l

Amid your youthful yearning for carefree conduct is the sudden weight of career choices and major life decisions.

While carefree and wild, 20-somethings also fraught with apprehension and anxiety, not to mention a limited budget.

By the time your 30’s arrive, however, your palette has been refined (along with your salary), and you’ll likely have a new passion for crafting an intimate sanctuary at home – this is how your living room should look at every age.

Sofa futons

The sofa futon is something we’ve all owned at least once in our lifetime, but especially in our 20s.

Old linens

While good bedding should always be a priority at every age, we totally understand that quality linen can be costly.bedroom

Unframed artwork

Original artwork is key to making a place feel like home, but those unframed posters that are stuck to the wall with tape at each corner just won’t cut it anymore in your grown-up home.

Hand-me-down furniture  

Your family and friends meant well by giving you that old side table, desk and armchair, but your 30s officially marks the time you should retire those worn-out hand-me-downs.

Cheap rugs

Cheap rugs look exactly that – cheap. And unlike vintage wool rugs, they don’t get better with age.

Wire clothing hangers images (1)

While it may not be on display for your guests to see, just like the lining of a beautiful coat makes the experience feel expensive, so too does the inside of your closet.

Plastic dishware

Anything plastic that isn’t elevated outdoor dishware needs to be tossed ASAP.

Dated mirrors

If there’s one piece that can really date a home fast, it’s a mirror.

Mismatched crockery

As you enter this new decade, your hosting skills are being honed and the kitchen will really become your pride and joy.

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