Why the guy who changed his name to ‘iPhone 7’ is cooler than you think

What’s in a name?

For a young fan in Ukraine – it’s a new iPhone 7.

This article on mashable.com has reported that to get his hands on a brand new iPhone, a young man went to great lengths.

You might think you love your iPhone 7, but you definitely don’t love it more than one Ukrainian man who recently made a great sacrifice to get one: giving up his very name. 44403669 - close up of a business man using mobile smart phone

The possibly-too-hardcore Apple fan, formerly known as Olexander Turin, actually changed his name to iPhone Sim (sim means “seven” in Ukrainian) to win an iPhone 7 from a local electronics store.

An Apple iPhone 7 costs about $850 in Ukraine, so when the store offered a free unit to the first five people to change their name to iPhone 7, according to the AP, the 20-year-old Mr. Sim rushed to change his legal name, which costs just about $2 in Ukraine.

And while the change definitely won’t age well in his native Ukrainian, in English, Mr. Sim could easily be read as SIM, the acronym for “Subscriber Identity Module,” the removable smart card inside mobile phones that contains cellular user data.

Therefore, in combination with the word iPhone, Sim would essentially make his name evergreen, because every iPhone (for the foreseeable future) will indeed have a SIM.

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