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Sydney inner-ring property may be ‘hot forever’

Domain reports Sydney’s most high-profile agent, John McGrath, as saying:

“Suburbs close to the city are becoming so desirable that they will be “hot forever”,

Although he stopped short of declaring property prices – in those suburbs in a radius roughly 10 kilometres from the city – immune from price falls, the chief executive of McGrath Estate Agents said these areas would always be attractive to buyers because of their proximity to the city, beaches and other lifestyle amenities such as art galleries and restaurants.

Economists and property agents are talking up the long-term prospects of properties in inner ring suburbs in Sydney as new figures reveal house prices within a 10 kilometre radius of the city have outstripped outlying suburbs over the past decade.

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Advice for first time home buyers | Buying at auction | The market in 2015 |  Property development: Before you start

Another great Real Estate Talk show  produced by Kevin Turner. If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly Internet based radio show do so now by clicking here.

Details of this week’s show:

Our legal eagle Rob Balanda has some good advice for first time buyers and Michael Yardney draws on his years of experience at buying property at auction. He has 9 pearls of wisdom for you.

A question asked of me during the week about developing a property prompted me to consult with Nhan Nguyen and he talks about the steps to take to access an opportunity and what you should be aware of before starting.

Market researcher Louis Christopher joins us to look back at how we ended 2014 and what he thinks is ahead for this year.

We answer a question from Kylie about the step from one investment property to a second.

Co-host of Location, Location, Location Australia and partner at Empower Wealth, Bryce Holdaway, says there are some clear signals about how buoyant the market will be this year and he tells us about some markets that he believes will show good growth this year.

Best observation on the financial markets ever

Marc Andreessen tweeted the following:



Future Time Machine Project

The Future Time Machine Project seeks to create a dialogue with the past and future by harnessing the power of compounded interest to amass enough money to create a fully functional time machine:

An investment of $1000 will be put in a legal trust for 500 years.

Assuming a modest 4% annual return, the investment will be approximately 328 billion dollars in the year 2515, at which point it will be spent on scientific research and the construction of a time machine.

First stop for the time machine will be 2015 with a reception for the time travelers. There will be a variety of speakers lecturing on the ethics of time travel and what the future may have in store.

The steps of this project are:

  1. Get $1000
  2. Put in a trust invested in (presumably) an index fund
  3. In 500 years, have someone build a time machine with the money
  4. Back in 2015, have party, see people from the future

Concentration of Wealth

According to The Economist those with more than $1 million in assets are 0.7% of the world’s adult population but own 44% of its wealth:

global wealth

Oil Is Now Cheaper Than Water

Business Insider reports that the crash in oil prices is having a curious effect on everyday economics: oil is now cheaper than bottled water.

Brent crude has been trading just below $60 a barrel, which is about 40% cheaper than a bottle of Evian mineral water in British supermarkets, where a six-pack of 1.5 litre bottles sells for £3.80.

Weekend video: ‪ Bill & Melinda Gates: Our Big Bet

Bill and Melinda Gates believe that life will improve for people in poor countries faster in the next 15 years than it ever has before.

In this 2 minute video they discuss the breakthroughs in health, farming, banking, and education that will make that progress possible.

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Half of all Baby Boomers are not prepared for retirement



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