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There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month.

Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

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Sydney and Melbourne star property performers: John McGrath

Property Observer reports that Sydney and Melbourne are the stand out performers of the property market.Melbourne-vs-Sydney

Chief executive of McGrath estate agents John McGrath has said the Australian market is in different stages of recovery related to price ranges, with many metropolitan markets in the very early stages of their growth cycle – at best.

In the McGrath 2015 Report he noted the Sydney and Melbourne have been the star performers with 62% and 32% growth respectively, since the GFC (2009-2015).

There are five key drivers:

  1. Record low interest rates
  2. Increased demand from small investors and SMSFs
  3. An underlying shortage of property coupled with continued immigration
  4. High demand from Chinese buyers
  5. A stable economy (apart from a few recent economic tremors).

See the full article here.

Secret Power of Persuasion | Why you should invest in South East Queensland | Under-quoting Crackdown | The management of units | Should I employ a property manager? | Plus more

Another great Real Estate Talk show produced by Kevin Turner.

In this show:

  • John Cunningham says not having an agency agreement puts vendors and agencies at risk
  • Michael Yardney shares with us the Secret Power of Persuasion – the six universal principles of influence.
  • Gavin McPherson from Oasis Properties tells us why he and his colleagues are focused on investing in South East Queensland.
  • Michael Teys has written a book on what strata laws will be like in the future and how they will impact how we live in this environment.
  • Miriam Sankuhler talks about how widespread the problem of underquoting really is.

If you don’t already subscribe to this excellent weekly Internet based radio show do so now by clicking here.

10 Lists to Keep If You Want to Be Successful

 Lifehack.org published these ten suggested lists that will help to track achievements and nurture ambition.

1. List of Goals: Goals and ambition is what drives us and motivates us, but we need to ask ourselves what is it that we want in order to feel truly accomplished.

2. List of Tasks: Tasks are actually milestones on the road to goal completion, and these lists have a tendency to become quite copious.list

3. List of Contacts: It would be delusional to assume you can make it all on your own; however, at the same time, a flawed partnership can result in disastrous outcome as well.

4. List of Expenses: By making lists of all the monthly expenses we are obligated to pay, we’ll have a clear overview with how much resources are there at our disposal.

5. List of Useful Tools: Using the right apps and tools can make up for our lack of skills in a particular area, or simply help us manage our work in a more timely manner.

6. List of Self Improvements: Reasonable to assume this one is unavoidable, and it always deserves to be mentioned. It is safe to assume we are all aware of our shortcomings; if not all of them at least some of them.

7. List of Creative Ideas: Whenever a new idea comes to your mind write it down, then browse the web to see if you indeed have stumbled upon something ground-breaking.

8. List of Future Plans: To make your resolve more adamant, compile a list of your future plans, see what you need in order to make them come true.

9. List of Contingency Plans: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, meaning there is nothing you can do without consequences. Every attempt to be more successful usually has a set of barriers attached to it, or risks.

10. Bucket List: Finally, learn to live for the sake of experiencing what life has to offer.

Read the full article here.

Higher interest rates for property investors make sense: NAB’s Gavin Slater

SMH reported about the adoption of two-tiered interest rates is becoming more common.

It “makes sense” for banks to charge property investors higher interest rates because their loans have a different risk profile to those being paid off by people living in their home, says National Australia Bank’s head of personal banking, Gavin Slater.interest rate sign

As banks are forced to put the brakes on lending to investors, Mr Slater also said lenders were increasingly competing for owner-occupiers, a trend likely to pick up over the spring property season.

One of the biggest recent changes in mortgage lending in recent months has been the emergence of a two-tier home loan market, as banks charge housing investors higher interest rates than owner-occupiers.

NAB raised interest rates on interest-only home loans by 0.29 percentage points in July, and has curbed the interest rate discounts offered to new property investors.

Read the full article here


Pete Wargent glances at the stock market mess that was this week.

Expect there will quite a lot of blood on the streets for a number of self-managed super funds right now as stocks were absolutely rissoled again today, with the ASX 200 plunging by 195 points or 3.82 per cent.

The All Ordinaries index (XAO) was down by 3.62 per cent, taking the market back to where it was in August 2008, exclusive of dividend returns.


It was the miners again which once copped the worst of it, following on from huge falls in Glencore’s valuation on international markets.

Rio Tinto (RIO) fell by 4.6 per cent to $46.52.BHP Billiton (BHP) got absolutely smoked, down by 6.65 per cent to a seven year low of just $21.61.

Santos also fell by 9.1 per cent to just $4.28.The banks were fairly hard hit too.

While cheaper share prices may be seen as a positive for net long term buyers, such volatility can be unnerving to the market and could easily send shares into full blown correction territory.

Weekend Video: Eagles NFL Halftime – Extreme Frisbee FLYING Dogs Show

These extreme stunt dogs soar, spin, jump, and fly!

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