Want to change?

I was having a chat with my friend Michael Yardney, my real estate mate. [I think you know him. 🙂 ] We were talking about change and how some people handle it well, while others struggle.

Michael gave me a neat little method that he personally uses to handle change. Works like a charm.
Ask yourself these three questions:

1) What is the worst thing that could happen?

Could you die because of the change that’s being forced on you? Could it be that you’ll hurt or alienate one of your closest friends or relatives?

Spell it all out because by putting it down on paper, you rob it of it’s power.

Most change doesn’t end up physically harming us… but our caveman brain feels like it will. Our fight or flight primitive mind reacts to threats as if we were about to get mauled by a sabre toothed cat.

In reality, most changes don’t incur that level of extreme threat.

Then, ask yourself…

2) What is the best thing that could happen?

For example, if you’ve lost your job, you have a clean slate in front of you.

You could find a much better job, recreate your life, develop new contacts, and perhaps even focus on developing your skills in a different arena.

3) What’s the most likely thing that will happen?

By asking yourself these three questions, it helps you remove the drama and get back to doing what’s important – coping with the change and ensuring you’re on track to use it as a spring board.

A lot of the emotional angst we feel in our lives is due to ‘catastrophising’ what is happening to us. If we apply a bit of ‘real thinking’ to our problem, we might just find that it’s an opportunity in disguise.

I’ll bet you’re a bit like me – I believe we all can change.

We can even change our intelligence in specific areas.

You see, studies have shown that those who believe that they can alter their behaviour and their habits to create a different outcome are happier people. They persist for longer. They score better on tests.

Those who think they can’t change, and that intelligence is fixed tend to quit at the first sign of trouble and don’t stick around long enough to master a skill. I mean if you really believed that educating yourself about investing wouldn’t improve your results, then why would you bother?

You’d just take the easy way out. You’d play the ‘blame game’. You’d make excuses.

Here’s what it takes to change.

Step 1 – You must work out what you need to change.

Step 2 – You must commit to changing by writing down all of your reasons for the change and visualising your success.

Step 3 – Take massive action to make sure the change happens, and sticks.

Whether you’re giving up smoking, wanting to eat like a vegan, or wanting to adopt a life of celibacy, these three steps hold true. The same applies when a trader decides in their gut to make a real go of this investing game.

Decide what you want, visualise what will result in your life through achieving it, and then take massive action.

Curious about the sharemarket? I’m not surprised. You see, those who do well with property can often take their skills and apply them to the sharemarket and do brilliantly.


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Louise Bedford


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