The Wrong Buyers Agent Could Cost You Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars

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Buyers AgentBEWARE the rise of the Buyer’s Agent.

You see there are more and more Buyers Agents coming to a City near you.

Unfortunately, there is a low barrier to entry in this regard, so virtually anyone can claim to be a Property Professional these days.

They are popping up everywhere on Social Media currently, advertising with all kinds of false prophecies.

While completing a Sales Course and buying an investment property may allow them to call themselves a Buyer’s Agent, but they are not Property Professionals.

Be careful who you get your advice from.

Here are my thoughts;


I personally, would not want to put my (very) hard-earned money in the hands of someone who has had less than 10 years’ on the ground intense real estate experience.

In addition, they must be property investors themselves and have created a certain level of wealth as a result.

I would rule out someone who has an interest in property and that has decided to start buying for others, because it appears easy.

In most cases, they may not even own a property themselves or are new and excited to discover property investing.

BEWARE the enthusiastic amateur.

I want a professional who has invested through a number of property cycles and has a clearly defined and proven strategy.

I am looking for someone who has achieved a certain level of wealth, as a result of navigating the ups and downs of numerous property cycles.

Someone who is Known, Proven and Trusted.


As the saying goes, “A Jack of all Trades is a Master of none!”

I want a master of their craft or a specialist.

There are Buyers Agents that will fly from the bottom to the top of Australia to buy for their clients.


In this instance, it is simply impossible to specialise and know the intricacies of so many different suburbs.

I would prefer someone who is a master in only 10-15 investment grade suburbs and know their territory better than anyone else.

Just like where you live, there are the great and the “ok” parts of each suburb.

They should also have a strong database of agents and be able to show you all properties for sale in that location, not just the ones on the open market.

A specialist will know the areas better and will have significantly more contacts than a generalist will.

We often see the fly in, fly out Buyers Agent head up here for a weekend with the trust of their clients and they are simply out of their depth.

They buy in secondary locations or buy properties that we would have never given a second thought too.

Look for a Specialist!

To Summarise

Don’t be surprised to see a rise in so called “property professionals” as our markets start a new property cycle.

Real Estate AgentUnfortunately, in most cases all is not as it seems, as low barriers to entry and lack of experience result in a mismatch of expectations.

Giving your hard-earned money to enthusiastic amateurs could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the longer term.

Look for Buyers Agents with a greater level of experience, who have done their 10,000 hours of property research and experience and who are successful property investors themselves.

Avoid a Jack-Of-All-Trades type, who claims to be a master in every market and turn to a Specialist in a pocket of around 10 – 15 investment grade suburbs.

A Professional has depth and will be able to ensure they set you up properly to create longer-term wealth, an Amateur only focusses on the next transaction.

Why not turn to the team at Metropole, we are Know Proven and Trusted.

While we do buy property up and down the East Coast, we have a team of professionals who are specialists in their field and know the market better than anyone else in Australia.

We look at your wealth creation from a holistic perspective…

If you’re looking at buying your next home or investment property here’s 3 ways we can help you:

A Property Strategist And A Buyer’s AgentSure our property markets are improving, but correct property selection is even more important than ever, as only selected sectors of the market are likely to outperform.

Why not get the independent team of property strategists and buyers’ agents at Metropole to help level the playing field for you?

We help our clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through a range of services including:

  1. Strategic property advice. – Allow us to build a Strategic Property Plan for you and your family.  Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now! Click here to learn more
  2. Buyer’s agency – As Australia’s most trusted buyers’ agents we’ve been involved in over $3Billion worth of transactions creating wealth for our clients and we can do the same for you. Our on the ground teams in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane bring you years of experience and perspective – that’s something money just can’t buy. We’ll help you find your next home or an investment grade property.  Click here to learn how we can help you.
  3. Wealth Advisory – We can provide you with strategic tailored financial planning and wealth advice. Click here to learn more about we can help you.

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Brett Warren


Brett Warren is Director of Metropole Properties Brisbane and uses his 13 plus years property investment experience to advise clients how to grow, protect and pass on their build their wealth through property. Visit: Metropole Brisbane

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