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The Block: The coolest kids rooms on The Block revealed

Whether its impressing a pink loving princess or an adventurous little boy - this week's rooms certainly didn't disappoint. H2 Rm3 Bedroom Hannah Clint 19

The challenge of creating a kids bedroom was one the contestants took on with great stride, each aiming at a different age group and style.

It was fantastic to see so much creativity and flair, designed to impress even the fussiest munchkin.

There was so much to love, with a few of the rooms in particular showing some beautiful new and unique styles that no doubt will be an inspiration for parents and designers alike.

Style highlight

While each room delivered a unique children's bedroom - 3 rooms in particular stole the show in my eyes with their unique styling and thoughtfulness. H3 Rm3 Bedroom Ronnie Georgia 17

For the second week in a row Ronnie and Georgia produced a wining room - and it's not hard to see why.

To quote the judges the room was simply 'whimsical' - and would suit a little girl's bedroom, while at the same time with a few touches could be transformed into a teenagers room.

The colour pallet is simply divine, with the perfect shade of pink that in sweet but not 'too girly'.

For a real 'outside the box' moment - the idea to put wallpaper on the ceiling was simply genius, and added a real softness to the room. H4 Rm3 Bedroom Sticks Wombat 28 (1)

On the complete opposite end of the scale - Sticks and Wombat created every little boys dream getaway.

Without a doubt the climbing wall in the boys room was a genius addition and created a real sense pf playfulness.

The bunk bed was beautifully constructed with a colour pallet that was complimentary to a boys room of vast ages from very young to early teen.

There's no doubt any little boy would enjoy this room immensely - may even distract them from the iPad at times.

In terms of my third pick this week - I actually really disagree with the judges. H2 Rm3 Bedroom Hannah Clint 19 (1)

Besides the size of the room - I thought the styling in Hannah and Clint was really lovely, and would be a beautiful little hideaway for any girl.

The wallpaper hands down is the pettiest so far in the competition and gives the room that natural sense of magic that you would expect in a child's bedroom.

No doubt there are some planing faults, however the styling and colour pallet is very diverse and would suit a vast range of ages, I particularly loved the little reading nook, perfect for allowing a child to escape into their favourite book.

What's ahead...

When a room is titles 'the anything but bedroom room' you know there's potential for some styling magic.

Can't wait to report on some great design next week...

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