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The Block: Anything but bedroom week revealed - featured image

The Block: Anything but bedroom week revealed

The week of 'anything' was always going to go one of two ways - spectacular imagination or too far out disaster.

H2 Rm4 Study Hannah Clint 30

One of the things one can always rely on when watching the The Bock is while one week you can love all the designs, the next even a front runner favourite can shock you, and this week was just that.

It seems that imaginations went one of two ways...

Media Room Vs. Study

And while it was a mixed bag this week, there were a few beautiful highlights.

Style highlights

The week belonged to Hannah and Clint, after getting criticized and knocked back for weeks on end, they managed to produce a truly luxurious and warm media room, perfectly designed for a period home, and suited to Elsternwick. H2 Rm4 Study Hannah Clint 16

The is so much to love about this room, beginning with of the double door entry - while a simple touch, it sets a tone for the room itself.

The furniture selection was on point, a mixture of Art-Deco and modern, keeping the balance of the room perfect.

Of course the pièce de résistance has to be the fireplace.

Nothing beats a working fireplace and this one has class written all over it.  H5 Rm4 Study Josh Elyse 18

The other highlight for me this week was in Josh and Elyse's study room.

The workmanship of their timber wall was an absolute masterpiece, and will be a major attraction come auction day.

The room itself is calm and soothing, which is a perfect atmosphere for a study.

The styling definitely has Elyse's fashion influence writted all over it with a perfect balance of the old and new.

What's ahead...

With living and dinning up next - I expect some grand design and serious bayside glamour.

Photo source: Pinterest

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