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THE BLOCK: The grandest of Masters revealed - featured image

THE BLOCK: The grandest of Masters revealed

A bedroom should be tranquil, calming and an escape after a long day - and of course that infamous Block glamour. 

In theory creating a bedroom doesn’t seem so hard – after all it’s just a bit of wall paint and cushions right? H3 Rm6 Bedroom Ronnie Georgia 23

Oh so wrong.

When it comes to anything on The Block, it’s never easy or drama free, and the master bedrooms were no exception.

Yet despite tears, dramas and and physical stress - the results were breathtaking.

Contestants showed style, glamour, elegance and many of the elements one would expect in a luxurious Bayside bedroom.

Style highlights

Despite the judges scores - in my mind mind there should have been two winners this week. Bedroom 1

Both Ronnie and Georgia, along with the announced winners Josh & Elyse produced some styling magic.

Josh & Elyse's room oozed luxury, the bed immediate transports you to a boutique french hotel, the colours are extremely soft and soothing, creating a very relaxed feel.

The blush tone are perfectly paired with natural colours throughout the entire room.

The walk in wardrobe is the perfect combination of a masculine and feminine tones, I particularly loved the accessory display area - what woman wouldn't really?

The en suite bathroom is a beautiful extension of the blush theme with the styling - I love that they have put in a bath, as it works perfectly, I wan't a big fan of the green backdrop in the shower, but all it all this room was gorgeous.

Bedroom 2

I was honestly puzzled why Ronnie & Georgia didn't tie in first place, as their room had delivered glamour in spades.

For starters, building in a hallway that leads to the bedroom was genius, not only does it add an element of privacy, but you feel as though you walking through into a luxurious hotel - in your own home.

The colour palette of grey and blush-pink is beautiful - and I absolutely loved the artwork, perfect for a bedroom.

Their walk in wardrobe is a lovely mixture of luxury and functionality - a definitely highlight is the makeup spot.

Moving to the en suite, everything from the bath to the tiling has the feel of a luxury day spa - and who wouldn't want that in their bathroom.

Bedroom 3

Clint and Hannah had some definite wow factors with their room this week.

The wall paper on their feature-wall was simply lovely, and allowed for some beautiful pops of colour throughout the room.

While the feel is definitely feminine, it isn't overpowering, but rather calming and relaxing.

The walk in wardrobe is a beautiful extension of the bedroom - with the pièce de résistance being the glass-top island.

Their en suite was simple but lovely, the details of the round edged mirrors above the vanity and the spaciousness was definitely a winning element.

Though it was a very different style from the rest of the rooms, there were still elements to love about Sticks and Wombat's room. Bedroom 4

Keeping with their love of timber detailing, it was used beautifully this week.

The bedheads was simple yet worked well with the white backdrop.

My absolute favorite element of the room was the timber fan, it gave the space a real Hamptons feel - keeping with the luxury of the area, yet pulled back.

The bathroom too was simple, but with some great styling features.

In particular the black beam holding the shower heads created a really modern feel to an otherwise soft and classic room.

What's ahead....

They say kitchens sell houses - and something tells me next week's rivals will definitely show the front runners on auction day.

Photo source: Pinterest 

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