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THE BLOCK: The final ‘room’ revealed - featured image

THE BLOCK: The final ‘room’ revealed

We're on the home stretch now.... H3 Rm11 Ronnie Georgia Studio 31

It's almost hard to believe that The Block is coming to an end, making this room reveal even more crucial.

Each studio apartment had an element to love and each created a very different space for the potential buyer.

In the end it all came down to style and functionality - or best yet bringing the two elements together.

So whether a bedroom or an office - this week's rooms had plenty of design inspiration

Style highlights....

Starting with the Winners - Ronnie and Georgia produced a beautiful home office. H3 Rm11 Ronnie Georgia Studio 24

Not only was this a smart move , but the execution was gorgeous,  any buyer could easily see themselves working in this space, ruining meetings, even welcoming clients.

The colour pallet of the grays is lovely - the space could easily suit a the quintessential businessman or creative fashionista.

A big compliment to the room is the choice of furniture - I absolutely love the desks, simple, elegant and the right size.

To keep the room flexbile the idea of a fold out couch was very clever. H5 Rm11 Josh Elyse Studio 52

Josh and Elysee produced a beautiful bedroom and living space, that could easily work as a one bedroom apartment.

There is an immediate sense of warmth is this room - which translates by the choice of colours and textures.

They used lighting beautifully, giving the room a lot of luxury.

The bedhead is undoubtedly a standout and style peace that many would want for their bedroom. H4 Rm11 Sticks Wombat Studio 27

My final favorite of the week was hands down Sticks and Wombat - I absolutely loved this room.

The skylights alone gives the room so much warmth, almost like escaping to your own little retreat - at home.

The couch is stunning, and gives the feeling of a spacious living area.

There's a great deal of flexibility with this room for a buyer to turn it into whatever they wish, making it not only stylish, but cleverly functional.

Still to come....

We're at the finishing line, but with the first impressions being the most important, next week could be the most important week yet.

Photos source: Pinterest

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