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THE BLOCK: Guest bedrooms revealed - featured image

THE BLOCK: Guest bedrooms revealed

With what truly feels like the calm before the storm, the guest bedrooms marked the last reveal inside the homes. H5 Rm9 Josh Elyse Bedroom 17

While there was no shortage of drama, there were certainly some great designs.

As the contestants (along with the rest of us) hold their breath for what looks like be the most dramatic 'backyard week' yet, the guest room were a nice change of pace, revealing some truly beautiful and glamour style.

There was very little to fault this week, as each room was a great final ribbon for the individual houses.

Style highlights:

They were the top two teams from the beginning of the race, so it comes as no surprise that Ronnie and Georgia, as well as Josh and Elise, took out the top scores at the end of the 'inside' house Guest Bedroomrace.

Ronnie and Georgia's room was absolutely stunning, not to mention the genius addition of a truly glamorous en-suite

I loved the wallpaper as a feature, as well the as the addition of berry and blush tones throughout the room.

There's a great sense of warmth and feels truly inviting.

The en-suite is pure glamour!

From the tiles to the most beautiful pink basin - this was the perfect way to finish off this part of their amazing property.

What they have been able to do here, as well as the rest of the house, is great a great balance between the heritage and modern, which is perfect for the bayside buyer.

H5 Rm9 Josh Elyse Bedroom 14

Although Joshs and Elyse's room has a incompletely different feel - they were able to create a room that feels like a great escape.

There is a real sense of scale in this room, greatly due to to choice in colours.

The panelling on the walls is absolutely gorgeous and gives that touch of heritage, while still maintaining a modern style.

Styling remains a really strong point with this couple, there is a real sense of 'trend', especially when it comes to the choice of furniture. H1 Rm9 Sarah Jason Bedroom 8 1200x800

I loved the blue chair that added a great sense of warmth.

Jason and Sarah produced a lovely guest room this week, particularity when it came to the colour pallet.

The combination of royal blue, gray and blush pink works beautifully, giving the room a lot of luxury.

I was also a big fan of the chandelier, and the windows above the bed, both added a great sense of style and symmetry to the room.  H4 Rm9 Sticks Wombat Bedroom 16

Sticks and Wombat created beautiful and soft room - which would really appeal to a broad range of buyers.

The standout styling item here is definitely the artwork, which gives the room a real feminine touch, without being too 'girly'.

I loved the idea of a 'study nook', as well the adding a fold out television from the ceiling.

Everything about this room gives a great sense a thought and attention to detail.  H2 Rm9 Hannah Clint Bedroom 7

While the scaling of Hannah and Clint's room did not wow the judges, there were still many styling elements to admire.

The choice of wallpaper for the feature was lovey, and played off the rest of the grey tones in the room beautifully.

I loved the little 'glamour corner' by the wardrobe, which was styled perfectly with 'fashionable' elements.

Overall, the room is lovely, and shows a great sense of growth for the couple.

Still ahead:

With both fear and excitement, we await the grand backyard week - fingers crossed there will be more 'drama' in the styling than the lead up.

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