The Block: Glamorous guest room reveals

What makes a truly tranquil bedroom?

Is it the bed? H2 Rm2 Bedroom Clint Hannah 11

The colour pallet?

The amenities?

Or it is a combination if it all with a little something extra?

When the promotion for ‘Guest bedroom week’ boasted and promised some of the highest scores is ‘week 2 history’, expectations soared high – and it didn’t take very long to understand why.

Each room had at least one element to fall in love with, and to make any guests feel truly special when visiting the home.

Style highlights

H3 Rm2 Bedroom Georgia Ronnie 11

There was a lot to love this week, and unlike most weeks when I’ve had a selected few, this week there were favorites across the board.

Along with the judges, I couldn’t fault Ronnie’s and Georgia’s elegant and sophisticated bedroom.

The colour palette of soft pinks and greys was simply divine, and the choice of artwork tied in the entire room beautifully.

The choice of cushion and bedhead really embodied that touch of luxury that would attract the Elsternwick buyer and was the perfect balance of new and classic.

One of the biggest divides of the week was between contestants who chose to have an en-suite and those who didn’t.  Theblock1

While I agree that the decision should not have affected the final scores there was definitely some bedroom and en-suite combinations that stood out.

Josh and Elyse’s bedroom had a real ‘Hamptons’ feel with what has to be one of the most stunning bedheads so far.

The colour combination certainly tied in with the Bayside area and oozed a calm and relaxing vibe.

The paneling on the walls was simply stunning – and really added to the heritage fusion that is such a big part of the home.

But it wasn’t all just about the bedroom, the en-suite was hands down my favorite – simple, elegant with a touch of that stylish stroke. H2 Rm2 Bedroom Clint Hannah 13

The tiling work in particular really made this bathroom pop, and was a great extension of the bedroom.

If there was ever one element to win the heart of a girl in a bedroom – it would be an amazing wardrobe.

Hannah and Clint’s bedroom not only had a beautiful feel to it, but a stunning wardrobe that would impress any buyer.

The room had a a very tranquil feel, and the colour combination really give it s sense of luxury. Theblock2

While the judges dislikes the us of artwork, I must disagree, I think it complemented the balance of feminine and masculine vibes, as well as adding a modern touch.

Jason and Sarah’s bed and en-suite had some lovely elements.

While I’m generally not a fan of dark bedrooms, I really loved the unique wallpaper,  which balanced beautifully with the light grey bedhead.

The en-suite, though unfortunately unfinished, brought a real sense of style.

Particularly the round black basins and gold lighting under the vanity felt extremely luxurious, without being too modern in a heritage home. Theblock3

Lastly, Sticks and Wombat, probably one of the biggest surprises of the week, delivered a stunning room, walk in wardrobe and en-suite.

There was plenty to love here…

The wooden floor boards were stunning, and complimented the colour combination of the bed perfectly.

The fireplace was luxurious, a true heritage feel that is truly fitting to the area.

While the en-suite was beautifully executed it didn’t quite act as an extension of the bedroom, having very much a modern feel.

What’s ahead…

If this is week two, we are in for an amazing season, with kids bedroom week around the corner there’s plenty to get excited about.

Photo Source: Pinterest


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