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THE BLOCK: Facades and first impressions revealed - featured image

THE BLOCK: Facades and first impressions revealed

They say you only get one chance for first impression, and nothing could be more true for The Block's five houses. 

It been an amazing journey seeing these beautiful houses slowly come together peace by peace, room by room.  H2 Rm12 Front Garden Hannah Clint 43

With each team's style being quite different, it was interesting to see what the front of their houses would look like, and would it be consistent with the rest of the home.

While the challenge seemed simple compared to living spaces or bathrooms - it was in fact one of the most important, after all, you want the front of your home to feel welcoming, stylish, grand - particularity if this is house you are trying to sell.

There were definitely a few surprises, some highs, some lows, and while I usually agree with the judges - we had some differences in opinion in this week.

Style highlights

The most surprising delivery came from Sticks and Wombat who created a love unassuming and understated front yard. H4 Rm12 Front Garden Sticks Wombat 30

Throughout the entire competition the boys delivered highly on their finishes, and this week was no different - the woodwork is beautiful, and ties in perfectly to the house they have created.

The colour of the house itself is very sweet, and gives that perfect balance between heritage and modern.

I love the simple addition of the garden, particularly the little fruit tree by the front door -  which makes the home feel incredibly welcoming and family orientated.

The house that divided all opinions this week had to be Ronnie and Georgia - and it's not hard to see why.   H3 Rm12 Front Garden Ronnie Georgia 17

There no doubt the house oozes drama - from the choice of colour, to the geometric monochrome tiles and bold finished on the windows.

While there's a lot to take in, there's just as much to love, I think the house pops, ad while the black may not be for everyone - I think it looks rich and luscious.

The contract of the greenery and monochrome tiles is perfect, and crates a real sense of balance.

I love the small seating area in the front, giving the home a little nostalgic feel, which really ties in to its heritage element. H1 Rm12 Front Garden Jason Sarah 19

Jason and Sarah created a lovely and quaint front facade - which really matched with the backyard, giving a nice sense of continuity.

I loved their garden, particularly the very sweet  sunken birch tree.

The double front door gives a real grand affect, and I loved that they restored it's original heritage features.

There is a real 'white picket fence' feel to this home, which would really appeal to a buyer looking for the quintessential heritage house.

And that's a wrap....

12 weeks and many many rooms all come to that one day - as with every auction, no one knows what will happen, but it will certainly be an interesting one to watch.

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