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The Block: Dazzling Dinning Rooms & Luxurious living spaces revealed - featured image

The Block: Dazzling Dinning Rooms & Luxurious living spaces revealed

When building a home for a family, one of the most crucial elements to consider is creating a space where that family will want to spend their time together.H2 Rm5 Lounge Hannah Clint 81 300x200

And so we open the doors of living and dinning room week...

What a difference one week can make, while last week left little to be desired - the contestants certainly came back with a vengeance, producing warm, inviting, beautiful and luxurious rooms that are perfect for the quintessential Elsternwick family.

From extravagant fireplaces to divine artwork - this week had it all!

Style highlights

Starting with the winners of the week ...

Ronnie & Georgia produced a truly luxurious room, that is both visually stunning, while having that warm family feel. H3 Rm5 Lounge Ronnie Georgia 18

The couch is absolutely stunning, not to mention a dream size, it's easy to imagine a big family all sitting comfortably enjoying a movie night.

Equally as impressive in size is the dinning table, whether a big family dinner or a family who enjoys entertaining guests - this space is ideal and the tones make it so warm you feel relaxed just looking at it.

In terms of luxurious elements - I can't get past the fireplace and artwork, both balance the neutral tones of the room and add a modern element to the heritage aesthetic.

Equally at first place this week were Josh & Elyse - and it's really not hard to see why. H5 Rm5 Lounge Josh Elyse 30

The craftsmanship in this room is absolutely divine - particularly the shelving below the fireplace.

Anyone who is a fan of the show knows the drama that was built up around it, and needless to say it has certainly paid off.

I love the combination of soft and hard tones and textures.

While elements of the room are very modern, there is still that homage to the heritage feel of the house.

Elyse's styling is on point - using the perfect colour pallet and really thinking about the type of family that will be calling this room home.

The next space belonged to Sarah & Jason and to quote the fabulous Shaynna Blaze "this room says family". H1 Rm5 Sarah Jason 15

The fireplace was absolutely breathtaking - I particularly adored that glass lifted front, giving the ability to create that beautiful wood-fire scent throughout the home.

I loved the colour of the couch - though much bolder than the previous two rooms it worked beautifully with the rest of the pallet and created a real richness to the room.

But what tied it all together - was the artwork.

The couple took a picture their daughter had drawn as a child and blew it up into a large print, risky, but oh so perfect when creating a space for a family. H2 Rm5 Lounge Hannah Clint 72

Coming off the back of a win, Hannah & Clint came into the week very confident, and it translated onto their room.

Though the judges didn't like the dividing wall - I thought it was beautiful, particularly the stunning glass fireplace that still creates that connection between the living and dining.

In terms of styling, I loved the pops of colour that played off the artwork, which itself was a stunning choice.

The room feels very warm and luxurious, the couple really created the perfect balance of style and family-living.

Last but certainly not least were the boys  Sticks & Wombat - in all honesty no one had a bad room, and while the boys came in 'last place' there was a lot to love here. H4 Rm5 Lounge Sticks Wombat 19

While the judges came down quite harshly on the boys, I thought there were many beautiful features in this space.

For starters the timber work is stunning, the craftsmanship of the timber feature gives the room a great deal of warmth.

The furniture choice was a wonderful extension to the feel of the room, particularly the couch.

Safe to say this week was a winner for everyone - making the competition that much more exciting.

What's ahead...

With a master and en-suite that's promised to be the biggest ever in side - next week should full of style and drama.

Photo source: Pinterest

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