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THE BLOCK 2021: Master bedroom and walk in wardrobe reveal - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021: Master bedroom and walk in wardrobe reveal

A master bedroom should be tranquil, calming, and stylish. 

In theory, creating a bedroom doesn’t seem so hard – after all, it’s just a bit of wall paint and cushions, right?


A master bedroom takes a lot of work, particularly when it comes to The Block – it must be the perfect combination of stylish, luxurious, and functional –  not to mention fitting for the era of each house and the Hampton postcode.

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

Ronnie and Georgia’s master bedroom was absolutely divine, and honestly deserved a much better score than it got.

Featuring a soaring sloped ceiling leading up to Velux skylights, a massive floor to ceiling window, chic Laminex panelling, disguised television and more this was truly a statement room.

The walk-in wardrobe was a touch on the small side, but nonetheless utilised a lot of smart storage solutions to maximise the space, not to mention was style impecably.

H1 Rm3 Master Bedroom Ronnie Georgia 008

H1 Rm3 Master Bedroom Ronnie Georgia 027

Mitch and Mark – House 2

This week Mitch and Mark created a bedroom retreat.

The room is traditional, yet modern with a gorgeous feature ceiling that draws the eye to perfectly place pendants over ample tables franking a bed that was beautifully styled.

A standout here is definitely the XO canvas print by artist Jonathan Gemmell.

Their wardrobe was stunning, spacious, with great shelving and hanging options, styled so beautifully it earned them the 'bonus' for the week, a Channel bag.

H2 Rm3 Master Bedroom Mitch Mark 007

H2 Rm3 Master Bedroom Mitch Mark 020

Tanya and Vito – House 3

The couple created a light bright and colourful bedroom, with a quirky side that is becoming Tanya and Vito's signature look.

Their bedhead, while unusual, does have character, and adds to the Moroccan vibe of the room.

They also created two custom wardrobes, a white walk-in style, and the timber built-in, adding ample storage to their space.

H3 Rm3 Master Bedroom Tanya Vito 014

H3 Rm3 Master Bedroom Tanya Vito 027

Josh and Luke – House 4

It wouldn't be The Block without a little controversy, and here is where it began.

Josh and Luke made a ‘controversial’ choice because they created their master bedroom in what was originally the double garage.

In doing so, the room is spacious, filled with light, and separated from the rest of the house with its own view of the courtyard.

While the viewing jury is still out about whether this is a 'wining room' - it does feature lovely elements such as a beautiful ceiling, bedhead, and divine artwork at the entrance to the walk-in robe.

The wardrobe itself is grand and styles beautifully.

H4 Rm3 Master Bedroom Josh Luke 011

H4 Rm3 Master Bedroom Josh Luke 023

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

Kirsty and Jesse delivered a lovely room, continuing on their coastal luxe feel.

The skylights and ceiling details are definitely a standout, and with a beautifully styled bed, arches, and warm tones from the rich carpeting.

Their wardrobe had plenty of generous storage space and was a simple and sophisticated design.

H4 Rm3 Master Bedroom Josh Luke 011

H5 Rm3 Master Bedroom Kirsty Jesse 018

Photo Source: Pinterest

Coming up next week: Basement week

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