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THE BLOCK 2021: Lounge and Dining room reveals - featured image

THE BLOCK 2021: Lounge and Dining room reveals

The Lounge and Dining room is a crucial part of any house, after all, that is where we spend the majority of our ‘home time’- entertaining guests, having dinner with our family, and enjoying time together.

But as this is The Block – it was going to take much more than just a couple of sofas, a dining table, and television to create that ‘wow’ factor.

So, who had the Hampton factor?

Room reveal:

Ronnie and Georgia – House 1

Ronnie and Georgia keep on creating dreamy luxurious rooms, and this is no different.

The judges called it, “Classic, contemporary luxury, all combined for a beautiful space for life.”

Featuring a stunning colour palette, a lowered ceiling in the dining room with bar space.

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Ronniegeorgia Living To Kitchen

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Ronniegeorgia Dining Chairs

Mitch and Mark – House 2

Mitch and Mark created an interesting and eclectic space.

Featuring a lovely colour palette, but the hero here is definitely the striking row of Velux skylights that flood the living and dining rooms with natural night.

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Mitchmark Living Room

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Mitchmark Lights On In Living Dining

Tanya and Vito – House 3

There is one marketing tool that works every time - nostalgia!

That is exactly what Tanya and Vito were able to do with their retro-inspired room featuring a sunken lounge and gorgeous velux skylights.

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Tanyavito Sunken Lounge Space

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Tanyavito Dining With Pitched Roof

Josh and Luke – House 4

The boys created made some truly stunning choices, albeit in the wrong rooms, but overall definitely a lot to love.

The star of the show that Christian Cole dining table - absolutely stunning! Along with the beautiful choice of artwork.

If they swap the dining and living spaces this could really be a winner.

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Joshluke Fireplace To Living Room

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Joshluke Dining Room Table

Kirsty and Jesse – House 5

The couple created a homely, comfortable and luxurious space - very Hamptons!

Featuring a gorgeous nib-wall, two-sided fireplace with the perfect Hamptons colour pallette.

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Kirstyjesse Diningliving

Theblock2021 Wk8 Livingdining Kirstyjesse Living

Photo Source: Pinterest

Coming up next week: Hallway and laundry week


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